Partners Rock!

Partners Rock!

(Mall Cop posting on behalf of Gummy)

25 Rock & Ascent pax (including 1 FNG) converge at The Rock for some frigid partner work led by Gummy.

The Thang:

Easy jog around parking lot

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Slow Squats x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

Mosey to rock pile
Partner up and pick a respectable rock
Partner 1 runs to Park & Ride sign and back (200yds) while partner 2 does exercise, flapjack, plank until all are done
Exercises – curls, squats, overhead press, lunges, triceps

Catch me if you can around church
Partner 1 runs towards the fake grassy knoll in front of the fitness center while Partner 2 does 10 merkins then chases down Partner 1. Flapjack and repeat until both partners make it to the grassy knoll and back to the rock pile.
Return your rock to its home.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill by the soccer fields with karaoke left, right, and backwards runs.

Partner work
1. 20 full situps while partner planks and holds your feet, flapjack
2. 25 hand slap merkins
3. Prairie fire mary to 10, flapjack
4. Decline merkins with feet on planking partner x 20, flapjack
5. Wheelbarrow up hill, walk back down, flapjack

11s on the Jacobs Ladder hill with burpees at the bottom and jump squats at the top (it looks so harmless in print)
Mary (Flutter, Dolly, Rosalita, Protractor, LBCs, Freddie Mercury, Maktar-n-Jai)

Last time I (Gummy) Q’d at the Rock, I cut the warmup short because I’m not the best cadence counter. After a Peter Brady voice crack during this morning’s more traditional warmup, I’ll go back to the condensed version next time.

The guys from Ascent made the climb up to The Rock this morning and proved that they’ve been doing good work over the past several months. They hung right with the group.
Great turnout for a pretty cold morning. We were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise and a good workout. Thanks for the privilege of leading the workout.

(Commentary From Mall Cop): Observations from today – Hops & Hannibal where making short time of the partner sprint/rock work.  YHC took off on the first one put Hannibal had me on all the rest.  Great work by Tadpole and Agony as well.  And during the 11s on the Hill Intel was crushing the rest of the pax!  T-Claps brother on a solid post!  Great Q Gummy!

Welcome to F3 for our FNG Prohibition, strong work!  Hope to see you back out in gloom many times! 


1/1/14, Wed Convergence at South CLT Middle School where Death Valley meets.

1/4/14 Sat convergence in Ft Mill and Joe Davis 5k run.  Still time to sign-up and we encourage you to support Rock Thrill’s family as they lost his brother to substance abuse several years ago.  The proceeds go towards a couple of agencies in the area that assist individuals struggling with substance abuse.  If you are unable to go but still want to post to a workout The Rock will still be meeting with Mall Cop on Q.

Jan. 10th & 11th, 1st & 2nd F combo with private viewing of the movie “Lone Survivor” Fri 1/10 at Cinnebarre at the Arboreetum and the running of “The Murph” workout Sat 1/11.  Day Zero will be converging with The Rock for The Murph.  Sign-up via the link in the email or on the website under our Area51 / CLT South page.

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9 years ago


9 years ago

Great to be with the Boys for the South.

Proud to use my 6 years of Spanish, and that I cannot count past 4.

Note to self…don’t partner up with a 16 yo sprinter.

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