2014 Weight Loss Competition- Update

2014 Weight Loss Competition- Update

Upate: Weigh in will be next Wenesday 1-29 at Skunkworks. If you owe money bring it then. If you cant make the weigh in then coordinate with myself or Tiger Rag to get scheduled before. Wenesday is the last day. Good Luck and eat at alot this weekend


Starting January 1st Area 51 will have an 8 week weight loss competition. Here is how it works- You pay 40 bucks (20 for the 1st 4 weeks and 20 for the next 4 weeks) and get weighed at the Death Valley convergence on January 1st. On January 29th you will weigh again.  At this point the 1st and 2nd place winners will be determined. (80/20 method will be used for winnings. See below)  We will use percentage body weight loss calculation to determine the winner. This makes it fair for all. (See below example).


  1. Must weigh in on the same scale on the same day
  2. You will step on and off of the scale 3 times. If readings are different then we will use the average weight of the 3
  3. There will be a 4 week winner and an 8 week winner. One individual could win both
  4. Weigh in will be shorts, tshirt, and shoes
  5. $40 buy in. (20 for each month)
  6. On January 29th we will weigh in again. At that point the 1rst in 2nd place winners will get 1/2 of total pot.
  7. On February 26th we will weigh in again. At that point the 1rst in 2nd place winners will get 1/2 of total pot
  8. You can do whatever you want to lose the weight
  9. The pot will be broken out between 1st and 2nd place. 80% to 1st place and 20% to 2nd
  10. In the event of a tie the pot will be split.
  11. If two or more people tie for 1st place then there is no 2nd place winner. They just split the pot
  12. If two or more people tie for 2nd place then they will split the 20% winning.1rst place will still get the 80%
  13. Free participation is a big part of F3 so you can play and not pay. However, if you dont pay you can not win. We will all clap for you and then the next 2 will get the money.


Let me know in comments if you are in. I will get there at 0630 for the early weigh in. Maybe someone will step up and lead a KB workout to keep you busy. We will also do weigh ins after. 

The following have hard committed

Radar, Semi Gloss, Dora, Tiger Rag, Soul Glow, Spackler, Bannanas


Example of how calculations will work: Pax #1

Starting Weight- 235

4 week Weight- 222

Loss- 13lbs



Percentage Weight loss- 5.53%


Pax #2

Starting Weight- 185

4 week Weight- 172

Loss- 13lbs



Percentage Weight loss- 7.02% 

In this scenario the two Pax lost the same amount of lb’s but PAX # 2’s Percentage was higher. He wins

Example of how Payout will work:

Assuming 20 PAX pay $40 January 1rst the total pot would be $800

January 29 weigh in- 1rst place get 80% of $400 and 2nd Place gets 20%

Feb 26th weigh in- 1rst place get 80% of $400 and 2nd Place gets 20%

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10 years ago

I guess I’ll get a taxi to DV for the first weigh in!

10 years ago

If I had known about this sooner I would have really packed on the pounds during the holidays. Regardless, I’m in.

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