Only 4 Days Until Christmas

Only 4 Days Until Christmas

Aye! The bell tolled and 13 pax came out into the early December gloom for Stonehenge.  Though the calendar said December 21, the weather felt like September 21.  Any way, we got to work.

The Thang

Little baby jog to Stonehenge statues for “Caroling COP”

– SSH x Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinder
Jog to next “statue”
– Squats x “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”
Jog to Premier Deck, with lunge walks interspersed.

At Base of Deck
– 12 Burpees
Jog up to Level 2

At Level 2:
– 24 Merkins
– 12 Burpees
Jog up to Level 3

At Level 3:
– 36 Squats
– 24 Merkins
– 12 Burpees
Jog up to Level 4

At Level 4:
– 48 LBCs
– 36 Squats
– 24 Merkins
– 12 Burpees
Backward run up incline to roof

People’s Chair x 2:00
10 Merkins
People’s Chair x 1:30
10 Merkins

Down to Level 4:
– 48 LBCs
– 36 Squats
– 24 Merkins
– 12 Burpees

Down to Level 3:
– 36 Squats
– 24 Merkins
– 12 Burpees

Down to Level 2:
– 24 Merkins
– 12 Burpees

Down to Level 1:
– 12 Burpees
– 4 more Burpees to make it an even 100

Mosey to Soccer Field, Partner Up
P1: Run to marker (~25 yds) and back, twice – backward run on return
P2: Dive Bomb Merkins

P1: Sprint to market (~40 yds) and back twice
P2: 8 count manmakers

Jog back towards launch point
– Squats with sore shoulders on the way, 10 forward, 10 backward
Resume jog

Stop in Starbucks Parking Lot, circle up
– Squat with sore shoulders x “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” x 2

All you got back to launch point


– Very solid effort by all the pax. This was a tough one that included 100 Burpees, close to 200 merkins and about 2 miles of running.
– Honey ___, various name changes were discussed for Honey Bee who had to depart after the KB pre workout. Given that he ran at 0500, perhaps Honey Beast is in order.
– Nice to have Hops back at Stonehenge as well as a special Kotters to Lex Luthor. LL is Qing the next Stonehenge and was defeintely in strong form.
– Overheard several pax commenting that they were anxius for Christmas to be over so that we would have a new theme. #workoutjustified
– Tclaps to Mighty Mite for leading the charge on everything – what a beast!

– Dec 24 convergence at Skunk Works, January 1 covergence at Mckee Road as well as Fredome Park.
– Stonehenge will converge at the Joe Davis 5K on January 4.
– Hope all pax have a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the gloom in 2014!

“For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord”
– Luke 2:11

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10 years ago

Solid Q as usual Dolphin. No claps to Frehley’s Comet for vaporizing the pax with his gaseous shrapnel in the parking deck…the humanity! T- claps, indeed, to Mighty Mite –> Beast. And also to Blowhole – definitely getting after it.
And what of the random dude pulling into the deck while we were finishing up there? Strange mumbling about some kids’ activity/nativity scene? Random….keep the kids under close watch.
Must correct one thing from the Thang brother Dolphin: it’s “Shore’s Shoulders” – introduced by Area51’s very own good doctor: The Shore.
Felix Navidad.

Honey Bee
10 years ago

Now I am sorry I missed this one. Looks intense. I’ll be there for the LL beatdown!

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