Jackets and Hats

Jackets and Hats

5 men posted today for a true gloom filled workout.

Mosey to side lot of Elementary School
29 SSH – IC
20 Imperial Walker – IC
20 Mountain Climbers – IC
10 Merkins – IC
10 Burpees on your own

Embrace the water and line up on the asphalt
Perform an exercise and run down three basketball goals and back
Right Arm Swing x 20
Left Arm Swing x 20
Figure-Eight backwards lunge x 20
Right Arm Row x 20
Left Arm Row x 20
Tricep Extensions x 20

Indian run around the lot and head towards playground
10 Pull-ups
20 Dips
20 Goblet Squats
Regular, RAH (10 count), RLH (10C), Regular, LAH (10C), LLH (10C), Regular, 6 Inches (10C)

Mosey to the wall for The Semi-Gloss
1 min, 10 Second Break
1 min, 10 Second Break
Sac-Dragger for 30 seconds
10 Second break
Sac-Dragger for 30 seconds

Find a wet spot for some Mary
Bell-BCs x 40
Dolley Press x 20
Flutter Press x 20
Bicycle x 20
Mason Twist with bell x 10

Mosey towards home
Hey we should do KB Presses here.  1-1 or 1-4?  Well just add one then double it.
Went to 4 Merkins and 16 KB Presses and down.  #SeriousShoulderBurn

Mosey 10 Feet to End
10 Burpess on your own
Earn 1 minute back

YHC was concerned he may be the only one there today.  The PAX didn’t let him down.  With the heavy rain drenching us before we even took off, there was hat talk and jacket wearing. YHC represented in Special Forces Gortex Camo jacket of which the PAX were yelling Duck Commander a few times. A single overhang was spotted for dryer times, but we embraced the suck (er Gloom).
Thanks to those who rose early and may have not realized it was raining (MT).

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