Hey, what are YOU doing here?

Hey, what are YOU doing here?

10 determined lads of CLT South (7 Outland regulars & 3 foreigners with passports in hand) entered the gloom on this fine day.  Cantore forecasted an unseasonably warm day but failed to mention the morning chill from the dampness and the wind.

The Thang

 –  COP @ Shovel Flag

–  SSH x20

–  Imperial Walkers x20

– Perfect Merkins x10

– Peter Parkers x20

– Squats x20

– Scissor Crunches x20 (now known as the horizontal windmill)

 – Mosey

– Walk the Rails

– Mosey

– Walk the Rails x3 lengths uphill

– Plank

 Indian Run to Elem School Playground

 She Hate Me x8 min

– Toe Taps on the Bench x40

– Donkey Kicks on the swings x20

– Dips on Bench x20

– Pull-ups x10

 – Lunge Walk 25 yds

– Indian Run to High School Practice Field

 Hand off to Z

– Continue the Indian run to the stadium (.7 miles) for the “SHOW” with burpees mixed in along the way.

Partner UP

– Partner A. runs the circuit of the track (400m) while Partner B. performs said exercise then runst the bleachers to the top, across, down and back to relieve partner A. and flapjack.

  • 2 rounds – Rd 1 = 30 dips & Rd 2 = 20 Derkins

Plank it up after both rounds are completed for a little Makhtar Jai (sp?) x 10 in cadence.

Mosey to the obstacle course for 3 servings of pain. (2 Rounds)

– Pain station #1 – hanging leg lifts x10

– PS #2 – sqauts x20

– PS #3 Hanging supine Pull-Ups x10

Regroups and hook back up with your partner to run the gauntlet.

– scale 6′ wall

– over/under telephone poles x 5

– scale 8′ wall

– 30′ balance walk

– tire / rope work

– 20 inverted situps on plank board

LBJ to the bottom of “the hill” where the VSF is planted for a belly start AYG jail break.


The Nekked Moleskin:

10 studs posted and got after it this morning, and when I say got after it I mean got after it and they got after it hard.  YHC was shocked NOT to be the first car in the lot (although he was doing some access recon) only to be 2nd to none other than Stone Cold!!!  Shocked yet pleasantly surprised and excited.  CT then rolled in followed by 2 more foreigners in tow (Stage Coach & Salt Lick).

As we’re reminiscing about previous workouts (it was still only 635/640 at this poing) of the week and the task at hand after the days start #buildingfences, Swiss Miss rolls up only to greet our new guests with “Huh, Hey WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????” as if quoting “GET OFF MY LAND” in his head from some western….  The rest of the PAX filed in and once the clock struck 7 – Countertop took us out as if we were shot out  of a cannon.  Well, not all of us — Milton was more like Ralphy’s Red Ryder BB gun as he showed up during COP but he caught up quickly for sure!

There really wasn’t a whole lot of mumble chatter out there today as everyone appeared to simply gasping for air for the solid 60 minutes.  Although it got competitive, the PAX pushed and encouraged each other the entire time #2ndF.

Once we reached the stadium for the 2nd half, the PAX was definitely 02 deprived taking a standing 8 count only to be lifted up by the yell of “YO – GO F3” coming out of the building from none other than CLT South’s favoritie wrestling 2.0 “Ninja Turtle” who was at SV HS for a tournament!!!!  Runstopper, the turtle is looking stronger and stronger every time we see him.  Hope you’re putting together plans to simply try and contain him because we….  You know what we’re saying.

Great to see 8 Mile keep coming out week after week, keep pushing brother.  Also great to have HB (always Powder Puff to me) back in the mix.

Salt Lick certainly got a good nights sleep prior because he posted with wit and was renaming all of CTs COP exercises.  Most notably renaming the scissor crunches to the HORIZONTAL WINDMILL.  Although, he lost all credibility when YHC asked for a 10 count and he started at 1 and proceeded up.  MMHMM — 10 penalty burpees for all.

Coach / Stone Cold / SL, we truly enjoyed having you out in the UC for the first time and hope you enjoyed the time spent and hope you can find it in yourselves to make a return visit.  Great coffeeteria session with Double E and all that were able to join.  Better than normal knowing what the remainder of the day had in store and the charge Stage Coach was leading helping the family in need.

As always, it’s such a pleasure to lead such a strong willed and determined group of men.  Each and every one of you inspire me daily.

Zip – OUT


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Salt Lick
10 years ago

Better late than never on the backblast zip. Will be back… Outland has some fantastic terrain.

10 years ago

Hate I missed this one. I was in Atlanta at a company Christmas party.

Sounded like a bit much running though . . . Actually, that sounded like a whole ____load of running.

Tclaps to Double E who drove all the way from Unionville to post at the Matrix with me this AM in the flooding rain since his kids were out of school.

– HH

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