No Excuse To Ever Fartsack Again. Read This…

No Excuse To Ever Fartsack Again. Read This…

14 Pax fought hard today with their Kettle Bells, however in the End the iron always wins…Unless you are Chicken Wing of course.  Read on…

Ok, so before writing up the Thang or Moleskine, I have to share with the Pax something that happened today at Olympus that is baffling to even think about doing but somehow Chicken Wing pulled it off.  I know that our wiring is a little off and most people think we are crazy for waking up so early on little rest to punish our bodies day in and day out, but his performance today after the night he had is one for the record books.

After a Holiday party where over-serving was on the menu, Chicken ended up staying up all night and couldn’t sleep.  He called YHC at 06:00 to let him know that he wasn’t able to Post and was going to fartsack.  After deliberating for 20 minutes over the phone (he was talking his options out and struggling since he really wanted to post), our beloved Liquor Cycle grabbed the phone used his powers of persuasion (I honestly think Liquor Cycle has mind control ability like Professor X or Jean Gray) because whatever he said, motivated Chicken Wing to AVOID the fartsack and come out to Olympus.  With eyes barely open because of complete exhaustion he mustered the energy to make it through a hour of pure hell and took on an Iron Kettle Bell for an hour!

Never again can I use being tired as an excuse to Fartsack (thanks a lot Chicken, ugh!!)

The Thang:

Warm Up: COP

SSH x 25

Stagger Merkins Left Arm x 15

Stagger Merkins Right Arm x 15

IW x 25

8 count Body Builders x 20

Suicides: Moving Iron

Round 1:

Pax lined up at the end of the field and there were 4 cones 20 yards a part (80 yards total).  With Kettle Bells in front on a straight line, Pax #1 move 1 KB at a time to the first cone and when 3 KB’s moved to cone, Pax #2 begins moving KB’s 1 at a time to Cone #1.  Continue until all bells reach cones 2,3 and 4.

During Suicides, the entire Pax (other than ones moving bells) performed the follwoing:

Merkins x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Slow Squats x 20

Rinse and Repeat for (4) rounds until all Pax ran Suicides

Bear Crawl Indian Run WITH 8 Kettle Bells x4 = 360 Yards(Kettle Bells had to move to the front and Pax at end runs to the front of the line.  All Bells move during crawls and passed through legs)

COP #2: You call Q (In circle, each person selects 1 exercise and runs that Q, targeting 500 cumulative reps as a group

Gullah: Upright Rows x 50

Night Court: Sit Ups with Bells at Top of Sit Up (forgot name for this) x 50

Lab Rat: Figure 8 x 50

Wolfman: Shrugs x 50

South Paw: Overhead Press x 50

Byron:Turkish Get Ups w. Bell x 10 / Single Arm Snatch and Press x 40

Liquor Cycle: Team Russian Twists (groups of 4 sitting together, pass KB’s to the Left x 25/ Right x 25

Alf: Single Arm Rows x 100


Total Reps: 450



Another exceptional performance by the group today!  The routine was a little confusing (confusing by design) so we all had to really think about what we were doing while deprived of O2…which is challenging in itself and allows us to work out our brain as well.  Especially during the Indian Run Bear Crawl with Kettle Bells.  That took a a high level of effort as well as team work in order to figure out how to move those bells and move the Line at the same time. At first it was sloppy, but over time we move as a team and very efficiently.

It is always nice to see,at the end of the routine, guys covered in mud and grass.  Even the Kettle Bells were all covered in mud as they took a beating as well. T-Claps to Chicken Wing for crushing it out there despite sleep.  I know I would have fartsacked.  Your dedication is unreal man.

Again, it is an honor to lead such strong and determined men.  Thank you for posting at our site and we greatly appreciate your commitment to Pain at Olympus.

Respectfully, The Hoff and Gullah




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