Where the rocks meet the waves

Where the rocks meet the waves

16 fine men ventured out to Kevlar for a mixture of running, rocks, and waves.


Burpee Jack Webb up to 5
Mosey to grab rocks
SSH x 15
Squat jacks x 13
Merkins x 10
MC’s x 12
Merkin with arm shoulder taps x 10
Squats x 15
Peter Parker’s x 12
Parker Peters x 12
Merkin wave x 2 mins

Form groups of 4

Round 1
Group 1 – sprint lap
Group 2 – rock hoppers in plank
Group 3 – speed skaters over rock
Group 4 – standing rock hops

Everyone exercises until running group gets back. Switch exercise until all groups have gone.

Round 2
Group 1 – sprints lap
Group 2 – diamond merkins on rock
Group 3 – rock presses
Group 4 – stagger rock merkins

Round 3
Group 1 – sprints lap
Group 2 – straight arm rock raises
Group 3 – shoulder press
Group 4 – curls

Round 4
Group 1 – sprints lap
Group 2 – rock lunges
Group 3 – sumo squat with curl
Group 4 – good mornings with curl and press

Round 5
Group 1 – sprints lap
Group 2 – mason twists with rock
Group 3 – Louganis
Group 4 – Dolly’s with rock press

Indian run in groups with each group sprinting when next group gets back. Main pack alternates between lunges, backwards lunges, high knees, butt kicks.

Return rocks.

Protractor wave for 2 mins.

Backscratchers x 20



Nice tight group this morning and everyone dug in and pushed each other. Pre-workout KB group is getting bigger and nice lead by Busch despite some late appearances in TR and Young Love.
Not a great deal of banter to write about…Burpee Jack Webb opener had a few of the pax craving some SSH but when you’ve been there since 0500 one is already warm and toasty. One does recall TR comparing Swiss Miss’s wind pants to something he saw on a Cindy Crawford video but there’s no comparison there. Also heard someone (maybe Horsehead or Hacker) comparing our ab wave to a Rockettes show. Again this visual was shot down quickly because the hairy legs we all saw in the air were not something anyone would pay money to see – even in Gastonia or West Virginia for that matter.
The merkin wave was stolen from the Go Ruck cult leader (The Hoff) and it is quite amusing to hear everyone call “up” from “down” as we go around the circle. There’s strains and groans and the “up” call sounds as if there is some merlot spillage at times. Thankfully none today.
Thanks for allowing me to lead and it was good seeing guys pull each other through.


Skunk convergence on Christmas Eve from 5:30-6:30am. Bring bells.
Christmas service get together Monday night at Elevation Blakeney arrive around 6:30pm and email me for more details at mcpinch21@aol.com. We have 6 or 7 guys already committed.
Stagecoach also brought up a family in need of help tomorrow who’s 5 year old has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. They need help putting up a fence tomorrow with two shifts going on. Sign up here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0B4DAFAF0-build

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