Huge Turnout at Devil’s Turn

Huge Turnout at Devil’s Turn

17 pax braved the chilly temperatures for a man-making run this morning.  Honey Bee’s publicity efforts have really being paying off!  Come on out, test yourself to the limit, and experience the power of this extreme workout.

The Thang:

2 mile run at fellowship pace out to the track.

Different options at the track:

3X 800m intervals

8X laps at fellowship pace

Bootcamp for 20 minutes waiting for runners to finish


  • Strong effort from all pax this morning.
  • Mighty Mite and Rock Thrill led the 8 lap run, while Haggis and Soft Pretzel led the 800m sprints
  • Typical times for the 800m: 3:03, 2:44, 2:59
  • Notable performances from Backsplash, Rock Thrill, Soft Pretzel, and Mighty Mite

This is how you get fit, fellas!

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Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

I was really surprised when we got to the track at South Charlotte and there were 37 pax waiting for us there.

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