The lamented weinke

The lamented weinke

8 brave members of the a51 tribe joined together for a celebration of the season. Lured in by strategic preblast and tweets assuring little to no running. YHC brought them all a lil gift in the form of bricks. Time to work building a foundation with bricks, sweat and some frozen fingers.

12 brikees to start (brick burpees) / Plank while we all finish

mosey bout 200 yards to smooth lot

COP (in cadence w/bricks)
SSH x 12
IW x 12
Seal Jacks x 12
Slow Squat x 12
Arm Circles Front/Back x 12
Perkins x 12

12 Days of Christmas Ladder (backwards to build the foundation right – mostly in cadence – w/bricks)
12 Push Presses
11 Mtn Climbers
10 Seconds Plank
9 Flutters
8 Seconds 180 degrees (protractor – 6inches arms and legs holding bricks)
7 Rosalitas
6 Seconds 45 degrees
5 Man Maker Merkins
4 Seconds Mission Impossible
3 Mission Impossible Spider Mans (thanks for the moves Haze. Love this one)
2 Exploding Merkins
1 Jump Squat

mosey back to start for mary

Mary (in cadence w/bricks)
Russian Twist x 12
LBC x 12
Freddie Mercury’s x 12
Dollies x 12
Groiners x 12
Dive Bombers x 12

1 more round of brikees – 12 brikees OYO (plank while we finish – 2 10 counts to end it all)

This looked good on paper, but as we began quickly became harder to do as O2 deprivation set in. YHC thought we would blast through this, but surprisingly, it took just the right amount of time. 144 push presses achieved. (smoked shoulders) Max ab work like we were in an 80’s sweating to the oldies. “hold it” might not be in my vocab for a while. (core-tastic) Promise of full body pain attained.

The pax began to feel a bit unsafe as more than a few “civilians” started rolling in and parking dangerously close to us. I assume that only our grunts and moans kept them at bay while we finished.

Thanks to Baracus for giving me the opportunity to lead Anvil. Had a blast. The lamented weinke was an auto correct on the twitters. Meant to say “Laminated”. So goes the interneting. Strong showing from Good Ride with his second post and taking up the bricks like a seasoned mason. Everyone rocked it as YHC’s creativity got the best of him yet again.

Awesome Sendoff from Young Love.

– Joe Davis 5K – 1/4/14
– Baracus mentioned upcoming info on training for BRR – Keep an eye out
YHC forgot to mention but will take a min now.
РCornhole Tournament Fundraiser for El Salvador Mission Trip Р1/11/14 Steele Creek Presbyterian Church 12-5pm РFun and Fellowship as we work to raise money for our annual Mission to El Salvador in conjunction with Habitat 4 Humanity. YHC, my M and Father-in-law are going this year and would love to host some F3 teams. More details to come. HC with this form link if you would like.
– Smells like there is a SkunkVergence happening sometime too (post christmas)
– Movie night 1/10/14 and Murph convergence 1/11/14?? (correct me if i’m wrong)

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10 years ago

Skunkvergence is Christmas Eve and is the only game in A51 that day. Preblast to come.

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