Indian Run Continues at the Maul

Indian Run Continues at the Maul

A huge crowd of 18een Chiefs report  @ the Maul for their regular dose of pain.  I will update the post as soon as the missing Chief reply with his name, I appreciate it to keep the story straight ;>)….


The Thang:



30 Side straddle hops

30 Imperial Walker

Mosey to the back wall of the Movie theater

First Indian run Style Balls to the Wall, and the first person runs all the way to the back, every Chief walk on their hands to the front of the line until everyone gets back to their original position.


The twist YHC recomended for the overachievers to do push ups standing on balls to the wall, the Crowds decided better, once each Chief got to the back of the line, they did merkins as the line would come back full circle (The drill looked better in paper)…..



Mosey to the hill of the parking lot next to the movie theater for some Jack Webb (Ladder up to 10 count, 1 Merkin, 4 Arm raises…..)

Mosey to Murderhorn,

One Serie at the top:

5 Burpees

10 Dips

15 Quads

Indian Run style Lounge walk to the bottom of Murderhorn, and the one coming to the front will run backward.

Again it looked better in paper, by the last light pole before the bottom we switched to regular indian run

2nd Series at the bottom

10 Merkins

20 LBCs (Chipotle call for a nice relaxing exercise)

30 Burpees (to compensate for Chipi’s request).  At the end everyone was looking for YHC to complete his 30 (not bad YHC completed 15 while all the overachievers of course completed 30s)

Regular Indian run to the top.

Mosey to the Parking lot next to the Movie theater for some Mary’s


Circle up and Mary’s with a Twist, the one who call for the exercise and the one next to him will run a lap around the parking lot while everyone else will do the exercise (indian run style)….


Plenty of mumble chatter regarding the exercises that were left hanging while the one calling it were taking a cup of tea and hanging around the parking lot before running it to get to the circle…..

Heels to Heaven
Mason Twists
Dying Cockroach
Six Inches
12 Inches
As YHC was preparing for a last indian run and turn over the lead for a Plank-o-rama to Mighty Mite, our Plank-o-rama fearless leader had better plans in mind for the last five minutes
Just when it look the worst pain was over we all just realized the first 40 minutes where a big warm up for the grand finale
and it was:
Bear Crawl/Merkin Ladder up to 12 and then the Burpee Suicides up to 7
Great Job to everyone, and thanks Mighty Mite for reminding me that It will take me more than a year to get some where close to your fitness condition, (if I ever get there ;)…..
Hope every Chief enjoyed the pain…..
Happy Holidays,
Until the next one!

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