SPEARHEAD Isn’t a Workout…It’s Training. 1,240 Reps in Cadence…Ouch!

SPEARHEAD Isn’t a Workout…It’s Training. 1,240 Reps in Cadence…Ouch!

7 Pax assembled for a complete systematic beat down and to knock out several days off the SPEARHEAD 12 Days of Christmas Patch Challenge. 

At the beginning I warned the Pax that today’s format would be a little different and extremely challenging…needless-to-say, we flat out got work done out there today #dowork!

Warm up: NA

The Thang:

(8) Count Body Builders x 100 / Monkey Humpers x 400

Jack Webb Style

Mosey to the End Zone

Merkins x 10

Bear Crawl to 10 Yard Line

Merkins x 10

Bear Crawl to 20 Yard Line

Merkins x 10

Bear Crawl to 30 Yard Line

Merkins x 10

Lunge Walk x 150 (75 each leg)

Overhead Press x 200 / KB Swings x 200 (alternating in groups of 20 until 200 reached while moving down field)

Russian Twists x 100

Bicep Curls x 50/ Tricep Extensions x 50





Unreal work all around from the Pax today.   Today reminded me of what it feels like during a welcome party.  Many times we all looked like we wanted to quit, but thankfully for the strength of our team we motivated each other to finish the training.

I heard a quote from one of our NoCo brothers that summed up what we are doing at SPEARHEAD better than anything I’ve heard.  “SPEARHEAD isn’t a workout, it’s training.”  We have a specific purpose at our site and as a team we continue motivating each other to do things that we never thought possible. 

As for the group today.  Your guys made me extremely proud to be a part of SPEARHEAD.  Check Point and Straight Back were animals out there never missing a beat and performing every rep in perfect form.  Angler was our key motivator helping us all stay focused.  Liquor Cycle is our Mystero and not to mention he is the single most dedicated Rucker I’ve ever known.  Wolfman is our newbie that is drinking the cool-aid and gets the Most Improved Award, while Chicken Wing is our comic relief making us all laugh during such torture, all while of course giving it his all each training session.

I’ve got to work and can’t write more, but would if I could.  It is always a pleasure leading such strong men through our training sessions. 


The Hoff


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10 years ago

Nice job Q! my arms are already feeling it. The overhead ruck press started to get to me. 400 count monkey humpers, yeah everyone will feel that in their gluteus tomorrow!!!

BTB (Bob The Builder)
10 years ago

Yet again I miss a great workout. Can’t wait to Q this Friday. Hope to see you all there!

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Good work men…I’ve been keeping track. Preparing for the Return of Iron Horse on Dec 31. (Need to find my Ruck!)

10 years ago

Well, it was a step towards GRC. Quads, biceps and shoulders are all reminding me of our time together this morning. Moon and stars were gorgeous.

10 years ago

“It’s not a workout, it’s training.” has been trademarked. J/K, it’s true workouts get easier training shouldn’t. Whatever your GoRuck event it is gonna suck, no one says “well that was easy afterwards.” Ithink everyone who is into GoRuck knows who Kling is. Well I got the Kling patch that say DFQ. Don’t F@&*ing Quit. Reading this backblast makes me think that it was a total #DFQ post. Look forward to meet all of you gents @Spearhead North in the future but not tomorrow, got Q @Highlands.

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