Full Moon Monday‏

Full Moon Monday‏

Under a Clear Sky and a Full Moon Monday High 20 degrees start of the week, 7 brave men came to get their dose of pain and who knows maybe shave some pounds off since we are yet to get through half time the holidays feasts.

The Thang:


A lap around the parking lot
15 Side Straddle Hop
15 Imperial Walker
10 Merkins
10 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to the Baseball field

Two Series:

1.- Series
5 Burpees
10 Sub prime pullups
15 Dips


2.- Series
10 Merkins
20 Dips
30 Low Squads


Mosey to the track and Field

Circle up for Jack Webb’s (Ladder up to 10, 1 Merkin, 4 arm raises,….)

Indian run lap around the track

Backward run to the bleachers and sprint on the way back

Karaoke back and forth to the bleachers

Backward run back and forth to the bleachers (and YHC must have not explain well, because most of the pax thought they had to sprint on their way back)

Circle Up for Marys with a Twist:

Whomever pick the exercise have to run a lap around the track while the others do the exercise (we switched afterward for a run just to the bleachers)

1 J-Los
2 LBCs
3 Squads
4 Superman
5 Flutter
6 Rozalita
7 I am getting to old….. don’t remember…..

Another Indian run lap around the track and continue all the way to the Wall for some people’s chair lead by Udder (thanks Man!).

People’s chair with a 20 Count from Robin hood, and then YHC interrupt Udder to ask for lowering at least for more inches, so legs end up parallel to the ground, and another 10 count…..

Boy that burn……

Udder continue with another round of peoples chair with 15 arm presses count by YHC.  Another People’s chair with a 10 count by Relo

Run back to the parking lot for a last round of Marys

10 Rozalita
Protractor with Arms and legs
20 Russian twist.



While YHC run his lap around the track everyone else had to do the J-LOs, and the crowd loved so much that counted 100 of them….. I guess next time we should try to get 200 hundred ;)……..   just kidding

Udder great job with the Arms and Leg protractor.  That was pretty cool.

Robin Hood has great information about some Family camps for next year.  He will follow with an email with the details, since I can’t remember… Sorry Folks…….
Thanks for letting me Q again.  Hope everyone got your 45minutes of morning pain…..

Happy Holidays.

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10 years ago

Great post this morning gents. Lite crowd, but we did the thang.

Reply to  Udder
10 years ago

So “Otter” in the pax listing equals “Udder” #languagebarrier
Where was GoodRide? He HC’d for BaseCamp at The Rock Saturday.

Reply to  Long Distance
10 years ago

Hops. It junk LD should come to anvil weds. What you think?

Reply to  Long Distance
10 years ago


Reply to  Long Distance
10 years ago

just having fun with you LD. See you soon in the gloom brother.

Reply to  Hops
10 years ago

Oh for Pete’s sake. Autocorrect.

10 years ago

Of course he should come to Anvil

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