Donkey Kong on Fri. the 13th?

Donkey Kong on Fri. the 13th?


A lucky number 13 pax for a Friday the 13th beat down at a cold Joust this am.  YHC woke up to a flurry of texts from The Shore on his own Joust that he was having with his GI tract.  He just couldn’t make it happen and I know it was killing him cause the weinke he sent via text looked very interesting.  So, Shovel Flag was planted and YHC warned the Pax, if you don’t like it, blame The Shore.

The Thang:

Jog to the track for Indian Run- pretty quick pace too around the track

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Merkins x 15

On the field for “Indian run” style:

Lunge walk; last man bear crawl to front 100 yards

Gorilla Walk; front man crab walks to back 50 yards, (audible- change gorilla to bunny hop)

Suicides- 100 yards x 20’s: Plank-a-rama

To G-ma Mountain for DONKEY KONG (modified from Shore’s Weinke)

Two lines:  one man goes up Mt 5 feet or so then gets horizontal, next guy up over 1st guy and then down, so on and so on, jumping the barrels (men) as we head up G-Ma Mt.

Bear crawl back down the mountain

“Up the Mountain, but Down the Ladder”

Same split groups:

Pax 1 at bottom starts with 10 merkins, then goes to top for 10 Pull-ups.

Pax 2 at top for 10 Pull-up; then to bottom for 10 merkins

Rotate back and forth coming down ladder 9-8-7-6-5 enough!  O2 gone.  Plank

Back to Field for Mary

Jack Abs- 1 x LBC; 4 x Bicycle up to 7/28

Mosey back to parking lot; Jail break to cars


So sorry The Shore could not lead us this am.  YHC tried to understand the texted Weinke.  He’ll have to give us a re-do at some point cause YHC modified it quite a bit.  Hope you feel better, brother.

Mr. Brady runs to Joust on Fridays (strong) usually with Baracus but not today Friday the 13th fartsack for our buddy, BA?

Nice work out there today guys. Pax giving it their all, especially on the “Up the Mt, Down the Ladder”.  YHC had so much fun with that one last week decided to try it again.  Notable newer guys bringin’ it:  Shockobottom,Voodoo, Twister, and Rivet.

Our own DK shows up to see what this new exercise with his namesake is all about.  This one was not what the Shore envisioned so come on back out DK.

BLC (Big League Chew) wants everyone to know he is 50.  So, don’t let him forget it.  Ha, love some BLC.

Pray for Brew; last work trip of the year going to Buenos Aires (90 degrees and sunny)…he says his heads just not into this trip…geez wonder why.  #vacationnotwork  Ha!  just messing with ya man,  we all know traveling can put the strain on the family.

Best line of the AM:  Voodoo says as we are on the Mountain face down in the frozen grass, “this is a great cure for morning wood”.  I still think Mr. Brady is laughin’ at that one.


3rd F: Compass started a new book today, “Fight” Chik-fila (inside now) 0630

2nd F: Jan 10th Premiere of “Lone Survivor” movie at Stonecrest; the Sat workouts are doing “The Murph”




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The Shore
The Shore
10 years ago

Great job men. Wish I could have been there with you to share in the fun. What, nobody wanted to barrel roll down the whole mountain. I’m going to have to bring that one back out next time!

10 years ago

“Texted Weinke”… didn’t Brett Favre get in trouble for that?

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
10 years ago

Morning wood? What’s that?

Mall Cop
10 years ago

Great workout today as the O2 was in short supply, G-Ma Mnt Up and down ladder is brutal! YHC has the Conk at Joust next week and if you like football then you’ve got to be there for this one!

Not sure I would have jumped over Voodoo if I would have known he was having difficulty with #morningwood. Good thing he was face down on the frozen tundra.

We missed you out there today Shore, get better soon!

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