Tidal Surge at Hydra – News at 11

Tidal Surge at Hydra – News at 11

A Tidal surge was forecast for Hydra after YHC took the call from 49er, who was himself “under the weather”.  (feel better soon!)  9 pax ignored the #cantore warning, while Search & Rescue continues to look for MallCop, who may be lost at sea.

The Thang:


  • Warm-up lap around the track
  • SSH 20
  • IW 20
  • Mtn Climbers 20

YHC had planned a 4-station starfish workout today, expecting higher numbers of pax, with two upper body and two lower body stations.  With a more intimate number of pax, we audibled to 2 groups and ran upper body and lower body circuits instead.

Upper Body Circuit:


  • Pullups 15
  • Situps 20 (old-school style)(unanchored or anchored, if needed)

Fence around far baseball field:

  • Decline Knerkins on the fence 15 (Knerkins = merkins on your knuckles)
  • Regular Knerkins 20 (audibled to LBC’s after 2 rounds)

5 burpees on the big field as you transition between stations

Rinse & repeat for 18 minutes

Lower Body Circuit:

Concession stand area:

  • Jump-ups 15  (fully stand up at top of each landing; no “toe taps”)
  • Low, slow squats 20  (3 count down, 1 count up – OYO)

Area near far baseball field:

  • Leg raises 15  (like protractor from 0 to 90 degrees)
  • Jumping Lunges 20

5 burpees on the big field as you transition between stations

Rinse & repeat for 17 minutes


  • Twist (Mason, Russian, Lemon, whatever) 15
  • Flutter 15
  • LBC 15
  • Dolly 15
  • Freddie Mercury 15



Rookie Q at Hydra for YHC, having previously Q’ed only moderately at Ascent and BaseCamp, so the pressure was on.  Living up to the high standards of Hydra and without the benefit of a whistle, YHC had a restless night’s sleep, waking up twice thinking he had overslept.

Knowing the Hydra layout well from Ascent duties, YHC was concerned about the typically larger # of pax at Hydra and keeping the groups small enough to work in the stations desired, so the plan was for a 4-station starfish to accomodate 30-40 pax.  With only 9 strong pax on hand, those would have been 4 pretty lonely groups, so YHC opted to combine them into 2 groups to better facilitate the 2nd F.

(Speaking of the smaller number of pax, YHC began to wonder whether his reputation preceeded him, but later convinced himself it must have been the weather or the HDHH…)

Learning of the day:  the fence around the ball fields are much higher when you are not standing on a deep pile of mulch as when you’re on the playground.  So, the decline knerkins had much more decline to them than originally planned.  #underpromiseoverdeliver

Lots of strong work by the pax today.  From the back of the pax, YHC has yet to learn the shape of everyone’s head, but Hopper, Iron Horse, Gummy were identified as out front, among others.  T-claps!

Finally, several pax mentioned the strong HC from Mall Cop, so we know he must have been on the other side of the field, although we never saw him at the burpee transition zone.  Shout out in the Comments below if you find him… #neverleaveamanbehind

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today.  It was an honor!

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10 years ago

Thanks high tide for carrying the 9 brave who came into the cold gloom today. I will make a return from my lazy tour next week.

Mall Cop
10 years ago

Completely unrepentant fartsacker this morning boys! I tried to EH Bugeater at HDHH last night for Hydra, but I think his excuses wore off on me and convinced me that I should FS today as well. Sorry I missed your Q High Tide!

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great Q High Tide. I must admit it felt a lot colder than I expected – which may have led to the extreme absence of mumble chatter during the beat down. Thanks for keeping us moving. In spite of his comments above, I am certain Mall Cop was there – no way he would have FS’d after his hard sell to Bugeater last night – no, that would have lacked all dignity.

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