Preblast: Devil’s Turn 12/12

Preblast: Devil’s Turn 12/12

As promised, this week’s Devil’s Turn is geared toward the newcomer.  The definition of newcomer you may ask?  Answer: The PAX that have always wanted to try out Devil’s Turn but have been hesitant due to the term “running workout.”  You can rest assured, if you can do a Saturday F3 workout, you can do Devil’s Turn tomorrow.

We will be leaving from the greenway parking lot (corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place) at 5:15 am and will run 2 miles out to S. Charlotte Middle School.  You will then have options:

1) Do some boot camp exercises for 15 min

2) Do 800 m (2 lap) intervals around the track x 3 times with 1 lap recovery between intervals

3) Run the track at your desired pace for 15 min

We will then leave the track and run the 2 miles back to COT.  The run to and from the track will be at fellowship pace (and I don’t mean Bratwurst’s fellowship pace).  It will be a no drop run.  Come and give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

See you in the cool crisp gloom!

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