Chippy goes nuts at Bagpipe

Chippy goes nuts at Bagpipe

Haggis posting for Chipotle

The drizzle kept Mic Check from this morning’s festivities, however it  did not keep 13 other men from fart sacking this morning.  YHC decided to steal a Ground Zero themed workout and modified it to please the crowd.

The Thang:

Warm UP

25 SSH

20 IW

Partner Up for the following:

100 burpees combined followed by one lap around lake

200 merkins combined followed by 2 laps around lake

150 squats combined followed by 3 laps around lake

200 LBC’s combined followed by 1 lap around lake

100 dips followed by 2 laps around lake

More exercises were on everybody’s personalized Weinke’s however did not complete due to time.


YHC seemed to hear some hatred mumbles from a few PAX members however, this seemed to be a hit.  I am sure this workout will reappear soon, maybe next time Mic Check will show up.

New Announcement:

Haggis is recruiting for a Ultra Run March 29th at Leatherwood Mountains……it is just a 50K, so sign up it should be 7 plus hours of fun.

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10 years ago

Simple yet painful. Partner work – which is always good to incorporate.
Nice work Chipotle. Good to see Brisket is back out and posting – Kotters.

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