Deck the Pecks… A Holiday Treat

Deck the Pecks… A Holiday Treat

9 men including 2 FNG’s got after it in a cool drizzle this morning in the Foxhole.  YHC was in the mood for some upper body work when compiling the Weinke last night and with the help of the M, came up with a sinister assault on all that resides above the belt. 

Even though it was 40 and drizzling, not one PAX complained of being cold after the first set of the first circuit.  The gentle glow continued through to the final set of LBC’s before COT.  Strong work today by all especially the FNG’s who made a gear workout their first post! 

The Thang:


          SSH x 30

          Imperial Walkers x 20

          Forward Lunge x 10

          Toe Touches x 10 

Run to the back parking lot for Upper Body Circuit #1

          Merkins w/ alternating hands on bell x 10 each arm

          Bicep curls w/ backward lunge x 10 each leg

          Halo x 10 each way

          Rinse and repeat 2 more times (total 3 sets)

To the playground for Upper Body Circuit #2

          Pullups x 10 (or as many as you can do)

          Dips x 20

          Renegade row x 10 each arm

          Rinse and repeat 2 more times (total 3 sets) 

To the patch of grass by the school for Swinger circuit

          2-hand swing x 20

          Kneeling 1-hand swing x 5 each arm – Crowd Favorite

          Upright row x 15

          Rinse and repeat 1 time (total 2 sets)


          LBC w/ KB x 40

          Mason Twist x 20

          Overhead dying cockroach w/ KB x 10

          LBC no KB x 20 


– The FNG’s Joe and Jay (2.0) were EH’ed some weeks ago by a wrestling buddy, but while watching some football yesterday, decided today was the day and Foxhole was the place to get the party started.  We were a short on a few kettle bells this morning but we made it work and enjoyed working out alongside the newly coined Sea Lion and Half Nelson.  Half Nelson narrowly escaped being dubbed Kardashian.  You can thank Wingman from saving you from that brother.

– YHC pulled a rookie mistake and did not get Sea Lion and Half Nelson’s email addresses.  Cobains!  Brothers, if you are reading this, please email me at and give me your emails so I can add you to our weekly email distribution list. 

– Other than that it was your typical all out upper body assault at the Foxhole.  Frehley’s Comet is on Q next week (Dec 16) and Wingman after that (Dec 23).  Expect the pain to flow freely in the spirit of holiday cheer. 


– Convergence and 5k January 4 – see weekly email and preblast

– January 10/11 2ndF / CSAUP combo event in the works – see weekly email for the movie premiere post, to be followed the next day (Saturday Jan 11) by a special CSAUP opportunity – more to come next week

– Sign up for March 14 GORUCK custom F3 event – see preblast 

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