Southpaw Returns

Southpaw Returns

The shovel flag was eventually planted and 10 Pax launched into the mist for an assault on #F3DayZero.  Gullah escaped the compound that is Olympus to take his turn at Q and with him came Southpaw, a return to #F3DayZero to kick all our tails.  Here’s a summary of what we did today:

The Thang

Gullah Q

Run half a lap around the track and circle up in the far corner for COP:

  • SSHs – 21 (IC)
  • Merkins – 10 (IC)
  • Arm Raises – 20 (IC)
  • Diamond Merkins – 7 (IC)
  • Slow Squats – 15 (IC)
  • Wide-Arm Merkins – 7 (IC)
  • Plank Jacks – 15 (IC)

Finish running the lap and line up on one end of the field for 11s.  Run 100 yards, do 10 burpees, run back, do 1 LBC.  Repeato for 9×2, 8×3…1×10.  Finish with some plank work led by Stagecoach.

Mosey to playground for 1 round of 15 pullups, 10 knee raises and 20 incline merkins.

Purple Haze Q

Mosey to soccer field and partner up (size does not matter).  Partner A grab two plastic picnic plates and attempts a hairburner on the wet grass to mid-point cone.  This did not go well…audible to bear crawls. Partner B does squats until Partner A reaches mid-point then sprints to mid-point cone.  Partner B bear crawls to end point.  Partner A does squats until Partner B reaches end points then sprints to end point cone.  Repeat on the way back.

All pax line up abreast and plank walk (left hand lead) to the mid-point.  Switch to right hand lead at the mid-point and plank walk to the end point.  Sprint back to the beginning.

Mosey to the rock pile. Grab two rocks of equal size and weight and circle up for:

  • Alternating bicep curls – 20 (IC)
  • Alternating front arm raises – 20 (IC)
  • Flys – 10 (OYO)
  • Bent-over Reverse Flys – 10 (OYO)
  • Shoulder presses – 25 (OYO)

Put back your rocks and circle up for Mary:

  • Dollies – 30 (IC)
  • Exploding Merkins – 15 (Q count)
  • Flutters – 30 (IC)
  • Groiners – 15 (OYO)
  • Rosalitas – 30 (IC)
  • Mission Impossible

Done. COT.


8 pax showed up early for some cinderblock/sandbag or KB work led by Fireman Ed.  Fireman Ed brought 2 cinderblocks but Radar threw his down after the first exercise and it broke into about 5 pieces.  Radar apologized for breaking one of the blocks that he said Fireman Ed uses as a foundation for his mobile home and promptly got back to work using the sandbag.  Matlock did all his work with a 50 pound KB…it looked akin to a wrecking ball…serving as redemption for the fact that we could hear his teacup poodle barking from inside his car while we worked out.

The Danner brothers were the only Pax not at the pre-KB workout.  This meant 8 of us were there to see Whiplash walk up in what were called “pretty” shorts.  He was accused of raiding his wife’s exercise clothes before coming out this morning.

Gullah, fresh off the Olympus compound, returned to Q DayZero.  It was good to have him back and he delivered the pain.  The 11s with the 100 yard runs in between seemed to last forever.  Burpees + running = severe O2 dep.  Southpaw, Gullah’s 2.0, returned as well…and he brought his usual out front effort.

Even though the plates were beta tested and passed, they were a failure in practice.  YHC knew this was distinct possibility and immediately audibled to bear crawls.  Still, it was a play that should have been changed at the line of scrimmage and YHC got a thumbs down and call of “epic fail” from YHC’s fellow site-Q.

A great group of guys out this morning.  Everyone worked hard and Long Distance once again dominated the Pax with his plank walk.


Christmas party tonight

Sign up for the Joe Davis Memorial 5K and convergence





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10 years ago

A pound for every year on this earth. I suspect that this is the motto for many of you judging by the weight of the axe you swing. But by that standard some of you tough guys claim to be 25 or 30 years old.

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