Milestones and Mumblechatter

Milestones and Mumblechatter

In celebration of 100 posts, YHC took the Q and retraced the steps of his very first post.  Along the way we stopped for reflection, mumblechatter and some good old fashioned pain.

Note:  The * above indicates presence at that first post on May 24th.  My heartfelt thanks to you guys for welcoming me into the fold. (Note to Philmont – Chelms was Q the first time you showed up and originally named you something else but I don’t remember what it was)

The Thang

Early start by 1 minute.  Already 4 minutes behind schedule.  May 24th started 5 minutes early (just ask Runstopper)

Run up Little Ave to parking lot near Panera for COP.  YHC narrated points of interest along the way. Not used to running at the front of the pack, but it definitely smelled better up there.


SSH X 30

Burpees – 10

LBC X 30

Burpees – 10

Merkins X 20

Burpees – 10


Mosey to picnic tables at front of CCHS.  Between each set, YHC recalled his feelings from that first post:

10 step ups each leg, 10 dips, 10 decline merkins

“At this point I was thinking, what is wrong with these people?”


10 step ups each leg, 15 dips, 15 decline merkins

“At this point I wondered, where are all the chicks?”


10 step ups each leg, 20 dips, 20 decline merkins

“At this point, I just laid face down on the cement and wanted to Cry”


For the final planking-ten-count, YHC threw a nice curve and counted in Roman numerals.


Mosey back to CCHS parking lot for the Devils Workout (6x6x6)


Six stops and six reps of called exercise while running down parking lot and back

Round 1 – Imperial Walkers

Round 2 – Knee ups

Round 3 – Merkins

Round 4 – Mountain climbers

Round 5 – Jumping lunges

Round 6 – Burpees (ouch)


Thanks to Chelms for leading inter-round planks for the overachievers.


Mosey to center of parking lot for some mary and some shoulder work.


Flutter kick X 20

Hold em

High flutter kick x 20

Hold em

Dolly x 20

Hold em

Diamonds x 10

Burpees x 3 (to get to the proper total)


Walmart shuffle back to start.


Several lessons learned about being Q:


– Need to learn how to count consistently.  If you want to go to 30, don’t slow down at 20.

– Remember to say Recover, otherwise the masses will mumble.

– Don’t spend so much time looking at your Weinke.  Next time just make it up as you go along.




Started with a few questions YHC asked of the pax, challenging them to remember what’s important:  Have you spent more time reading backblasts this week than your Bible?  We slap each other on the back and say good job, but do we do that to our kids every day?




Christmas Party Saturday Night @ Tiger Rags.


Joe Davis Resolution Run on Jan 4th.  34:18 is the time to beat if you don’t want to come in last for F3.


Please pray for Libby Jones, a child with Leukemia undergoing chemo and bone marrow transplants.

Consider making donaton to F3 Foundation to suppport holiday party at Billingsville and AG Middle School. See the post on the main page at the web site.


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10 years ago

T-claps on your Q today Philmont. Congratulations on your 100th post. Certainly an awesome way to start the day.

10 years ago

The original name was Turkey Leg, but quickly changed to Philmont. That name has been a great motivation for me as it causes me to think of my goal constantly. At one point there was a movement to change my name to “Porn Star”, based on the amount of heavy breathing and moaning it took me get through those early days. Thankfully that effort ended prematurely.

10 years ago

T-claps Philmont. Once you’ve achieved your goal at Philmont in NM – a name change needs to happen. Perhaps Lamaze? Not now that you’ve gotten much stronger, but early on PH and I thought for sure you were in the throes of labor on many a morn. Sally perhaps? (From When Harry Met Sally)

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