45 minutes that felt like forever

45 minutes that felt like forever

Quote: “Time stands still best in the moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”

There was nothing ordinary about the twelve fine fellas who joined up with twelve double downers for a forty five minute workout that seemed to last a lot longer…


Burpees while waiting for Fletch and Hairband.
Jog to church lot after lapping back for Hairband.
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkin pyramid up to 8 with 5 second holds
Sprint 5 hills
Squats x 20
Lunges x 20
Wide arm merkin pyramid up to 7 with 5 second holds
Sprint 3 hills
Backscratchers x 25
Obliique LBS x 10 each side
Diamond merkin pyramid up to 6 with 5 second holds
Sprint 1 hill
Mosey back to soccer field and partner up
Station 1 – 20 combined burpees and call “move” when done
Station 2 – tractor tire flips
Station 3 – shuttle runs
Station 4 – Carolina dry docks with head in tire
Station 5 – Partner decline merkins on tires with hand slaps
Station 6 – Mirror cone touches
Station 7 – Squat jumps with butt on tire
Station 8 – Russian twists with rock
Station 9 – Tire tri dips
Station 10 – pull ups
Line up on end line behind partner
10 nose cone merkins – sprint length of field and partner goes
10 rockhoppers – sprint length of field and partner goes
10 diamond merkins with chest hitting cone – sprint length of field and partner goes
10 squat jumps touching cone on down – sprint length of field and partner goes
10 Turkish get ups alternating arms – sprint length of field and partner goes
10 merkin flys – sprint length of field and partner goes
Mary – 43 flutter kicks


When you screech into the parking lot last and you see a group of lads doing burpees at your expense one would think you’d park up and join up with them as soon as humanly possible. That’s what Fletch did. Hairband not so much. Once we tapped out on the impromptu burpee punishment and jogged by Hairbands ride he was still fixing his rock style do and eye liner in the rear view mirror. It took the pax another lap for our guitar hero friend to finally feel that he was ready and looked the part to take to the Kevlar stage.
Moving on after the short man side straddle hops and the imperial “warkers” the pax were warm and ready for a beatdown that seemed to get lost in a time warp. The merkin pyramids (stolen from 49er) were tough on the chest and combined with the hills kept the lungs longing for o2 with even Fletch sucking wind. After three variations of the merkin pyramids and nine hill sprints it was 0542 by my watch – 12 minutes in. We headed to the soccer fields by 0544 and completed the first round of 10 stations by 0556. When time is going slow we go with “Repeato” and 10 more stations were completed by 0607. Plenty of time by GMT standards so some exercises and sprints took us to 0614 leaving a full 60 seconds of 43 flutter kicks representing what I thought was the War Daddy’s age. QIC made the mistake of forgetting that Susudio in his black catsuit had toppled Crabcake for the War Daddy award by topping the 50 barrier. Busch made the call to make up the difference but alas we were finally out of time.

Great to see Geraldo back after his KB injury and also Zip-A-Dee counting aloud after his many ailments! Pleasure leading and have a great weekend fellas!

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Hair Band
10 years ago

Sorry guys!! I could throw out all kinds of excuses, not worth it.
I apologize to the PAX for the loop back and 5 burpee penalty.

Oh, and while my long hair (when I had it) looked better than that wig above, I never did makeup.

Great Q Bulldog.

10 years ago

Most Awesome Lead on “Q” in the gloom this a.m. BD and punishing the PAX with a heavy dose of DownPainment while also bringing out some 2nd F with the partner scheme. I challenge anyone that attended this am’s beatdown (even Miss Kitty) to claim they’re not feeling the effects. NO, Z did not attend the 30 minute KB w/out before hand so no comments needed — guess I’m not a part of the cool kids club.

As for HB saying he never wore make-up, I don’t think I concur. If memory serves me right, HBs original F3 moniker was “POWDER PUFF” — so there you have it and judge for yourself. Just say’in is all.

10 years ago

Where do you continue to find these awful pictures? Are they saved in a secret folder on your computer, or do you have the websites bookmarked?

Curious . . . But not that curious.

– Horsehead

10 years ago

That’s his prom picture. #Lovegun but no bullets.

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