You ready to puke? I may join you!

You ready to puke? I may join you!

7 men launched from the greenway promptly at 5:15.  As of 5:12, it was only going to be YHC and Soft Pretzel, but as we completed stretching 5 others came out of nowhere like some sort of magic show and hit the ground running. 

Rock Thrill EH’ed an FNG into joining us today since he had hill intervals on his training plan anyway for this week.   However, his plan was only for one set of the hill intervals so we returned to COT with only 6 PAX and did not get the privilege to bestow an F3 name to him.  Strong runner though.  I hope we see him out again soon. 

The Thang:   

The plan was simple.  Run 1 mile – run up and down a hill for 10 minutes – run another mile – lay down and do 50 LBC’s – run around a parking lot – run a mile back to hill – run up and down a hill for 10 minutes – run a final mile back to COT. 

Sounds easy, right?  Well, it wasn’t. 

Before starting Haggis threatened that there might be some recycled merlot from him and after the first 4 hill intervals I offered to join him.  Alas, I saw no spillage though. 

I learned that Fletch, Haggis, and Turkey Leg are beasts of nature and practically flew up the hill.  The camaraderie was great though since none of us would have pushed that hard if we were on our own.  It hurts too much!

Everyone pushed it to the limit today and as we pulled into COT nearly all had hands on knees trying to recover in the misty gloom.

For YHC, that is what it is all about. It’s what gets us out of bed to run outside on a rainy morning.  It’s the camaraderie that comes with pushing each other to the limit each day to become stronger men physically and mentally.  Thank you brothers!



– Christmas Party on Saturday – sign up for entrees via the evite

– January 4 Convergence and 5k – Running out of time – sign up today!

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10 years ago

you nailed it HoneyBee – the Camradarie and Iron Sharpening Iron is what keeps us waking up south of 5 am to post in the rain and run steep hills till we almost blackout. Diabolical plan this morning – the lightpole kept getting further with each passing Interval – Strong work out there men.

10 years ago

Very tough this morning! Thanks all for pushing hard.

10 years ago

Sorry for not posting. You scared me with your preblast. Yelled instead. At least I was still in the gloom.

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