Did you know that if you add the dots on a standard die, you get twenty one?  That’s also how many pax we had today.  Slow dots pair up with fast dots, grab a coupon, and mosey to goal line.

  • Drop coupons, slow jog 2×100
  • IW x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Slow (Low) Squats x 15


  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Sandbag Squats.  Flapjack until 100.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Sandbag Curls.  Flapjack until 100.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Overhead presses.  Flapjack until 100.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Combo–Squat to Curl to Press.  Flapjack until 50.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Russian Twists.  Flapjack until 200.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Twist and Pivot.  Flapjack until 200.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Sandbag Lunges.  Flapjack until 100.
  • Pax 1: Run 2×100.  Pax 2: Flutter with Press.  Flapjack, 1 round ea

Mosey back to start for COT.


This was the kind of workout that leaves the Q bereft of backblast material: it was dark, the pax were spread out and the constant motion left little room for #mumblechatter.  Sound off in the comments to tell of your heroic feats.

I did manage to hear Haggis and Bulldog going at it like an old married couple on the flutter presses.  It will be 50 years together for those two this May.  Congrats.

The light was sketchy, and I was afraid to look right at it, but it appeared that The World’s Toughest Pediatrician (except when canoeing alone) has a Hulk Hogan mustache. Strong stuff.

Four men’s men posted for extra KB work at 0500.  Follow @chrisbehrmann (Busch) to stay up to date on the the travelling KB Menagerie (The next installment is Friday before Kevlar).  If you already follow Busch, check your tweets more than once a week.

Thanks to Radar for allowing us the use of the sandbags.  Show your appreciation by donating a roll of duct tape the next time you see him.  Those bags take a beating and tape ain’t cheap.


Only one:  The A51 Christmas Party is Saturday night.  Not Friday night, as the email erroneously indicated  There will be no one there Friday night but my dogs.  Bring a bag of canned food, an item to share, and some cash money for the raffle.  Unbelievable door prizes await.

Carpool.  Park on the street.  If it gets too crowded park in the Carmel Baptist parking lot right off Reverdy and walk it in.  It’s only a couple hundred yards.  For a $5 fee, I can have my kids valet park for you.

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10 years ago

Whoa – Bulldog snubbed The Charge?

10 years ago

Aye – snubbed the charge for a double down and a squabble with Haggis. 50 years? I recall trying to add up the combined age the Callaway and Coalminers Daughter pairing and I lost count at 120!

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