2 Players and Up

2 Players and Up

Two men gathered at McKee Road Elementary School to burn off some of the extra Thanksgiving calories.

The Thang

Standard warm up… you know the drill

Lunge walk and merkins combo

Little Baby Jog

Pull up and dip combo

Bear crawl / sprint combo

People’s Chair

Step Ups

Random pull ups, CDDs, and merkins

Trail Run

Merkins and dips combo



It only takes two for an official F3 workout, and two PAX it was.  My observations on a two-person workout:

-“Circle it up” just doesn’t work with two, but it’s hard not to say it.

-During opening warm ups it’s difficult to determine where to fix your gaze… prolonged eye contact in a two person workout can become awkward.

-Finding the right partner for partner exercises requires little thought.

-And all kidding aside… the fellowship is strong.  Strange Brew and I had a full year of fellowship conversation packed into 75 minutes.  It was a reminder that a small group… even a group of two… can have the full F3 experience.


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Strange Brew
10 years ago

Aye! Thanks for leading and for the prompt in the first place, it was great, also gave me a chance to try something that will feature in a future Q. Your leadership in A51’s AO is the pre cursor to the strong group of men that call A51 their F3 home.

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