Radar’s Birthday Bashing

Radar’s Birthday Bashing

The shovel flag was planted as 6 pax arrived for Radar’s 36th birthday bashing.  There was no clown with balloon animals, no bounce house…just a couple of sandbags in the Explorer and some rocks on the pile. This could have been the worst birthday party of all time.

The Thang

Run to the front of the school for a warmup of 20 SSHs (IC) and 20 high knees (IC).

Partner up. Partner A does left leg step ups with calf raises while Partner B runs a lap around the front school parking lot. Flapjack. Go until you get to 100 combined. Switch to right leg step ups with calf raises to a combined 100.

Run to the fields after stopping by Radar’s Explorer to grab 2 sandbags.  Drop the sandbags and then go grab a rock.  Back to field and drop the rocks and prepare for a brutal combination of pain.

  • Sandbag relay sprints while non-running pax do CDDs.  Each pax runs twice.
  • Then circle up with your rock for some JackWebb. Military push up and shoulder presses with your rock…1×4, 2×8…..10×40.

Run to the back exit from the field for some rail slides…1st set of rails lead with the right…2nd set of rails lead with the left.

Run to the Yellow Rose shopping center parking lot. Bear crawl to first island…10 burpees…bear crawl to second island…10 burpees. Sprint back.

Run to side gate of fields…locked. Scale the fence, some more graceful than others.  Back to the field and repeat the sandbag relay sprints and JackWebb with the rocks noted above.

Now time for some shots on goal…flat soccer ball…small soccer goal.  For the first round, 10 burpees after a miss…Pax go 0-6.  For the second round, another 0-6…some Mary after the first 3 misses and 12 burpees for each of the last 3 misses…36 burpees for Radar’s birthday.

Done. COT.


This began looking like another leg annihilation from Radar but as a birthday surprise, he quickly turned it into a shoulder beatdown. He’s an enigma, always keeping the Pax guessing.

At the rock pile, the Pax were warned to not be heroic.  Bulldog didn’t hear that and picked up a monster rock.  The Q challenged him to not put it back once he’d committed and so he lugged it to the field.  It made for some tough sledding during the JackWebb climb.  It was passed around among some of the Pax during the 2nd round.

The climb over the fence was a bit dodgy.  Bulldog scaled it no problem but then Radar went and got himself tangled in the vines on the fence.  All the Pax had that feeling of being embarrassed for someone. Probation almost bought the farm on his descent.

The Pax shots on goal were not very good…but it’s not like any of us have ever been professional soccer players…oh wait.


  • Christmas Party
  • Joe Davis Memorial 5K Convergence


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