Black Friday: Gloom of Log PT

Black Friday: Gloom of Log PT

Instead of hitting the sales, two SPEARHEAD faithful hit the logs in a throw back to downpainment by DORA on Friday the 13th

The Thang: 

Brisk 23 degrees this morning…mosey around track half mile with ruck to warm up

  • SSH x 20
  • Windmills x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Log PT: In between each of below, run to sideline, Merkins x 5, return to log for ab exercise of flutter kicks or hello dolly:

  • Overhead Log Press x 20
  • Log Squats x 20
  • Log Lungs x 20
  • Log sit ups x 15 (Culkin) 20 (LC)
  • Decline Merkins using Log x 15

150 Yards of Pain:

  • Partner wheel barrel, 10 yards each – or until you stop
  • Bear crawl, 10 yards
  • Frog jumps, 10 yards
  • Duck walks, 10 yards
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Bear  crawl to 50 yard line

3MOM: Ab workout continues

  • Bicycle x 20
  • Dying Cockroach x 20
  • LBC x 30


SPEARHEAD  almost went dark this morning, but what better way to work off that turkey leg and pumpkin pie? Good old daisy logs were a great rendition. I almost forgot we had logs its been so long that I’ve seen them on a Friday. Checkpoint should have set up stand in the parking lot, could have had three deer in one shot from our view on the field! Final challenge of the morning was locating Culkin’s car keys…on the 20 yard line.

If you’re returning today, come on out to Hoff’s workout at Olympus tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. I hear kettle bells are involved.


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