Thanksgiving Eve Burn

Thanksgiving Eve Burn

On Thanksgiving we will consume 4500 calories.  This morning, 11 men beat themselves up in preparation for the feast.  The rain held off, but The Maul pavement was still soaked.

Warm up: it was short

  • 25 IWS
  • 25 Lunges


  • 25 Merkin Jacks
  • 20 Jump Tucks
  • 20 Merkin Shuffle
  • 30 Slow Squats
  • Hold the squat, grabbing the back of your ankles :45
  • 25 MTN Climbers
  • 20 Jump Lunges
  • 40 High Knees
  • 25 Burpees


Circle Up: Repeat all above exercises, add 10 Burpees


Circle Up:  Repeat exercises, add 5 Burpees



  • 25 Flutter
  • 25 Dolly
  • 25 Rosalitas
  • 15 Side Crunch, each side
  • 30 LBCs



The weather has been the story the last few days in the gloom.  I think the rain over night kept some of the regulars away.  They unfortunately missed a good beat down in rain free weather.   The idea today was to get a full body burn with the holiday feast looming tomorrow.

YHC was having a hard time leading the workout today.  YHC called for a number of 10 counts and it still wasn’t enough time to get my wind back.  It was strong work by the Pax today.  Everyone seemed to be pushing themselves through the repeated exercises.

A big welcome to 2 Maul FNGs, Purple Haze and Koelsch.  Haze commented on the Maul’s hard surface during Side Crunches, mentioning he was used to doing those on grass.  The Maul is unforgiving like that, it’s our concrete jungle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the PAX of F3.  I am sincerely thankful to be a part of an incredible group of men.  God Bless you and your families.

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10 years ago

Hazes first? Great beat down.

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