Off Campus Tour

Off Campus Tour

18 (or so) PAX bore the 25 degree bone chilling icebox for another Monday down payment.

The Thang:
Run to CAC bottom of the parking lot for warm up: SSH, Imperial Walker, Merkins, plank jacks, mountain climbers, Peter Parkers (all X20).

Run back to COT, cross Carmel, karaoke right and left and commence neighborhood watch program.

Over the river and through the woods, coming to complete stop at stop signs of course. 1st stop: 10 burpees OYO. 2nd stop, plank, breathe.

Run up Sharon Amity to RTS. Grab some wall: 25 dips, 20 wall jumps.

RTS campus loop: 20 sumo squats on one end, 20 Merkins on the other. All You Got (AYG).

Mosey to Carmel and jailbreak back to COT.


COT through neighborhood and back was 1.5 mi. Tclaps to Gunny and Agony for leaving it all at RTS, #AYG. Hops took the medal for most treblefarts during the Mary, #holdyourbreath. Tclaps to Kirk for a hard push on the jailbreak, #AYG.

Thanks for the privilege to lead this morning.

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10 years ago

The reverbs starting coming during the Mary session in the RTS lot. Mine were decidedly more manly reverbs than one of the pax to my right. #malodorous
nice Q Swiper.
Pretty sure one of the pax did 4 sets of 20 monkey humpers instead of sumo squats…had neither the heart nor the courage to get near enough to tell him.
Jamboree – going with short sleeves and shorts – strong. He said only temps in the teens warrant sleeves…truth is: he doesn’t own any long sleeve shirts.
Our Q joined the Bolshoi today while Love Boat was wearing his daughter’s pink earmuffs.

Blessings for a great Thanksgiving men. God is gracious – much for which to be thankful.

10 years ago

I left out the Mary: LBC (30), low slow flutter (30), Freddie’s (30), Dolly (25), Russian Twists (30), Rosalita (25). Aye Hops, much to be thankful for. God is good.

10 years ago

Big Ed and I showed up two minutes late and ran around looking for y’all for awhile. Had to give up and head to the Y. #donthitsnooze #lessonlearned

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