The Rock

The Rock

The shovel flag was planted at 0645 while The Shore completed a solo gear pre-workout and Bratwurst limbered up for the assault on The Rock.

The pax rolled in through the foggy gloom, and 18 brave souls were on their way.

YHC decided to make this workout a bit of a break from the norm, a pattern interrupt, if you will.


COP started with 25 Rockhoppers followed by 15 Groiners.  The pax was confused and a bit testy that we did not start with the obligatory SSHs or IWs.  And in full honesty, the Q pert near smoked himself with that start.  Not smart…yet will certainly be repeated a beatdown in the near future.

This Thang will be as close to accurate as YHC can remember.  The fact that I ad-libbed all but the tennis ball segment coupled with this BB coming many hours after the workout –) means the events and counts will be approximations.  My apologies in advance, and do correct YHC below in the comments.

After the Rockhoppers and Groiners, I think we did 25 hand-release merkins, 25 squats, 25 SSHs (all is right with the world….and F3 Nation).

Mosey to the church wall for some People’s Chair including 20ish overhead presses and BTWs.

Mosey to the huge field in front of Calvary.  Supersonic grabbed the tennis racket (what?) and YHC grabbed the bag of numbered tennis balls.

The next 25ish minutes consisted of Supersonic picking a numbered tennis ball from the bag and one of the pax then smacked the tennis ball with the aforementioned racket.  The pax would sprint AYG to the tennis ball and YHC would then call out an exercise with the reps corresponding to the number on the ball.  We would then sprint back to the start point.  Rinse & Repeat several times with (I think) Cottonmouth, Chopsaw, Lost Weekend, YHC, MallCop, Supersonic, Cadillac, and Intel taking a turn at launching one of the felt-covered orbs.

The numbers on the balls were: 27, 25, 13 (2 or 3 of these – YHC’s favorite number), 81 (unsavory and our final exercise of LBCs.  Q again smoked himself and had to split this one in two parts.)  Other numbers were 37, 15, 28….can’t remember the rest.

Exercises were: CDDs, Burpees, Makhtar Ndijaye’s, Widearm Merkins, Freddie Mercury’s, Flutter Kicks?, Stop motion squats – cadence was unorthodox and staccato — mixing it up to the simultaneous amusement and frustration of the pax.).

After the tennis ball silliness – we lined up for 2 lines of Indian Run and ran from front of church to back of church.

We then did backwards run, Karaoke about 400 yards.

Plankorama, then over to picnic tables in the woods for 3 sets of 20 dips and 20 decline merkins.  YHC again smoked himself with this one.

We moseyed down the hill to the sand volleyball courts for the following:

Lunge Walk, Backwards lunge walks, Bear crawl (Harley is an inhuman beast at this, btw), partner wheelbarrow (flapjack 1/2 way), one-legged wounded bear crawl (switching L to R 1/2 way), broad jumps.  Think that was it.

Mosey over to concession stand pavilion for some more people’s chair followed by wall planks with 5 merkins.

Jog back to starting parking lot.  We still have about 4 minutes……so Supersonic grabs a couple more balls out of the bag for a corresponding 13 more burpees.  Then 15 was drawn from the bag, so we did a minute of protractor at 15 degree angle.



Had a lot of fun leading this morning.  Great to have Funky Bunch back out.  And Hacksaw continues to impress by pushing himself.  T-claps for signing up for the USMC spring mud run brother.  Great group of men this morning.  I’m not overstating but perhaps am a bit of sentimentalist when I say: I love F3.

By the way, Chopsaw had a nice whiff on his first attempt at launching the tennis ball.  Thanks also to the pax for offering some solid suggestions for exercises as YHC was ad-libbing the beat down.


Pretty much the normal stuff.  Thanksgiving convergence at The Rock from 7am-8am Q’d by CrabCake and Hops.  Normal schedule Friday and Saturday.

Check the website and don’t forget the Christmas Party at TR’s crib on Saturday, Dec. 7th.


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10 years ago

Great job on the ad lib Hops. Solid workout. GO DEACS!

The Shore
10 years ago

Great workout Hops. Strong work!
Great to be out there with a good group of guys.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Hops must have done a mini Murph on Friday at Centurion or he would never have put so much focus on the shoulders and arms. Mine were screaming until today after the back to back beat down of the Murph on Friday and the hodge podge rolled out at the Rock. Great work out that I needed after taking most of last week off “recovering” from TR.

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