Three’s Company

Three’s Company

All of this getting back to work business is really getting in the way of writing backblasts.   Finally, here is your belated Fast Twitch backblast…

The Thang:

Warm-up mile run on the track, followed by LOP:

  • 30x SSH
  • 20x IW
  • 20x Jump squats
  • 20x strikers

Back to the track:

  • One half lap (200M) at full  pace – approximately the pace you would do when racing the mile (not quite a sprint, but close)
  • Finish the lap (200M) with a moderate jog
  • Do it again, half lap full pace, finish lap with moderate jog
  • Full lap (400M) at the full pace
  • Full lap (400M) at moderate jog
  • Plank to wait for everyone.

Repeato 3x

Line up for mary in the field (dollies, backscratcher, lbcs, flutter, all 20x)

Final lap to cool down and head back to parking lot.

Total distance: 4.4 miles


  • After just wrapping up Thunder Road, having a (kick-ass) Panthers game on MNF, and chilly weather, we ended up with a bit of a smaller, yet dedicated Fast Twitch company this morning
  • Now that we are finished with our longer endurance races, we’re all getting back into our shorter-distance races, prepping for the Joe Davis 5k in January.  These short distance drills (h/t @bratwurst) seemed to do the trick today
  • Somehow blasting out the Mary at full speed left YHC sore for the past two days – maybe its time for some yoga?
  • Lots of talk about the game and how refs interpret rules today. No Tuesday morning quarterbacks, here!
  • Spackler and Rock Thrill now officially get the Most Dedicated Fast Twitch runner awards, and we’ll look forward to seeing them challenge Material Girl in the next Charlotte marathon.




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