Preblast: Devil’s Turn 11/21

Preblast: Devil’s Turn 11/21

This week’s Devil’s Turn will let the decision be yours once again.  4-mile, 6-mile, and variations in between will be available.  Just show up and choose your poison. 

– We launch together from the Greenway parking lot (corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place) at 5:15 am.

– Run 2 miles out to S. Charlotte Middle School track

– At the track, there are 3-Options:

1)    4-mile folks: 15 min of boot camp (Q TBD)

2)    6-mile folks wanting speed work  

  1. 800m (2-laps) fast
  2. 400m recovery lap (fellowship pace)
  3. 800m (2-laps) fast
  4. 400m recovery lap (fellowship pace)
  5. 800m (2-laps) fast

3)    6-mile folks out for a cruise: 8 laps at desired pace

– Run 2 miles back to parking lot for COT.

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