Oldie But Goodie

Oldie But Goodie

24 pax, all wearing long sleeves and some in long pants, kicked off their Wednesday at Death Valley this morning.

The Thang:

-Jog around parking lot.

-25 SSH

-25 Merkins

Partner up for The Gopher: Endurance course covering South Charlotte’s track and baseball fields where Pax “go for” 40ish minutes non-stop.

-The course: Man A runs to baseball fields and completes 20 dips, 20 modified pull ups on hand railings, and 20 LBC’s then runs back to transition area.  Man B runs to football field and then runs one lap around track then back to transition area.  At transition area each team completes a team total of 20 burpees then flapjacks for 40 minutes.

-3 MOM: 25 dollys, 15ish slow Freddie Mercury’s holding elbow to knee for several seconds, 25 flutter kicks.



-With so many workouts now it is pretty much impossible to come up with new, different and challenging.  So the cold weather presented a great opportunity to dust off The Gopher.  Constant motion keeps you warm.

-It was hard to tell but I believe all pax completed at least 5 laps of the course.  6 laps=3.2 miles

-Strong effort by all pax and t-claps to the team of Haggis and Turkey Leg  for leading the pack.


-Convergence Thanksgiving day at The Rock (Calvary Church).

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