The Charge: “Man that gym looks warm up there”…

The Charge: “Man that gym looks warm up there”…

20 PAX crushed it at The Charge today as it was the highest number of people so far for this amazing site. There is definitely some kind of Charge you get when working out on that Turf Field…and really nice when you get home and have no grass to beat off your shoes.

The Thang

– Up downs while running around track (“Down to stomach and pop back up” each time whistle Blows) x 40 or 2 laps whatever comes first
– Arm Raises x 30 (loosen up the shoulders)
– Belly, Back, Feet (In cadence) x 39
– Monkey Humpers x 25

Merkin Pyramid

Merkins x 15 / Hindu Squats x 15
Merkins x 14 / Monkey Humpers x 20
Merkins x 13 / Hindu Squats x 15
Merkins x 12 / Monkey Humpers x 20
Merkins x 11 / Hindu Squats x 15
Merkins x 10 / Monkey Humpers x 20

Bleacher Work
– Single Leg Squats Right Leg x 10 Left Leg x 10 / Sprint up bleachers/ 20 Mary Catherine’s/sprint down/ 30 Bench Squats/Sprint up/40 calf raises/sprint down/ 50 LBC
– Rinse and repeat

End Zone
Partner Up: 100 Yard Increments of “Catch Me If You Can”
P1 Bear Crawl; P2 Roselita x 25 – Flapjack until reaching other end zone 200 Yards
P1 Duck Walk; P2 25 Flutter x 25 – Flapjack until reaching other end zone 100 Yards

Merkins x 30

Sprint back to parking lot with Up-Downs to whistle

Merkins x 20

Merkin Wave x 5



T-Claps all around to the Pax out there today. We covered a lot of reps in a short period of time. Not counting the Bear Crawl or Duck Walks, we hit 844 total reps ( rep format on some count as 2 reps, however most of what we did was in single cadence). That is an unreal amount of effort at 05:30 in the morning.
Quote of the day goes to Bananas as we were heading up to the bleachers when it was 37% outside, “Man, that gym looks warm up there. Nice and cozy with an elliptical and Sports Center to watch”

I’ve got to run to an appointment and could type more but can’t. Sound off if you like.

DD – Thank you for passing the reigns and letting me Q your site.

As always, it is an honor to lead such a fine group of men!


The Hoff

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10 years ago

Double D’s and Bulldog, you might rethink your Q’s if you are aiming for the softer gentler F3 site. I’m crushed. I expect you guys will get a letter from the school regarding the pax that crop dusted the entire site. #wakeupearlier

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