Church Track

Church Track

20 strong posted for MMBD – Monday Morning Beat Down

The Thang:

Run to Carmel Middle:

SSH 25x

Mountain Climbers 25x

Diamonds 12x

LBC 25x

Imperial Walker 25x

Up the steps to the school wall for some BTTW with excercise breaks:

10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 20 Carolina Dry Docks

Run to Church with some Karaoke and Backwards mix

Partner 1 – Church Lap, Partner 2 Excercise, Switch, Rinse and Repeat x 6

Dips, Decline Merkins, Squat, Dolly, Step Up Left, SUR

5 Min Mary:  LBC, Low Slow Flutter, Freddy Mercury, Projector, Rosalita


Audible to stay off the football field after the first LBS made a splash and wave. 

Missed the TR runners this morning.  Heal up and look forward to getting you back to work.

Rashard started us off with a thanks to, and took us out at the end.  Thank you brother.

Great work today PAX and thanks for the opp to lead.




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10 years ago

Hammer was there as well. Nice Q FOD – kept us moving….which is key to pain inducement. The inverted BTW MCs were especially unsavory.
Go Panthers!

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