Base Camp in the Rain, when you’re climbing the mountain you gotta expect some rain to fall

Base Camp in the Rain, when you’re climbing the mountain you gotta expect some rain to fall

14 Men were conned by Mother Nature into believing there wasn’t going to be any rain, that is until we were about to step off and then it poured, no problem, didn’t faze anyone, there was a brief moment when the assembled pax thought Robin Hood (just driving up) might circle the lot and head home but YHC knew better and off we went…

To the track for a warm up lap, get the feet a little wet in the corners, stay on the track to stay dry (wait for it).

IW x 20

Mtn Climbers x 15

Butt Kickers x 15

Dynamic stretches (hip circles, ballet and karate kick)

Hand Release merkins (lock elbows) x 10 (see told you we’d get wet)

SSH x 20

CDD’s x 20

Partner up:

Partner 1 8 resistance bicep curls, flapjack then repeato

Partner 1 Wheelbarrow towards the start line (starting from 100 m end line) while partner 2 lunge walks, switch as many times as needed by 5 LBC’s per partner for each switch

Bear Crawl and butt kickers back, switching penalty 5 merkins

Crabwalk and lunge walk, switching penalty 5 merkins

Both partners broad jump to start of bleachers, lbj (little backwards jog) back to start line

Line up white line, talk to my friend Jack Webb whom I haven’t seen in a while up to 5, back down to 1, going for smoked shoulders

Slow jog to baseball bleachers for more partner work:

Partner 1 15 Dips, partner 2 10 supine pull ups, repeato

Partner 1 10 step ups, partner 2 15 CDD’s, repeato

Slow jog to washroom area for peoples chair x 45 sec x 2

Quick to parking lot for Mary:

Prairie Fire Mary x 8 for each partner

Flutter (slow) x 15

Heels to heaven x 8

Dolly x 10

Run out of time


Great work by the pax today, good to get to partner up with someone you didn’t know, gotta get some second F in wherever you can, Joker doing his best Donkey Kong imitation on the bear crawl, coming back for his partner, good teamwork there.  Nice plank work led by Udder at the bleachers. Great to see FNG Jonathan who YHC had the pleasure of partnering with, hope to see you out in the gloom more often, you killed it out there.  The PAX got a little wet when we first stepped off but by the end the moon was clear and bright, quite beautiful, too bad we ran out of time for more Mary, had to keep it moving quickly to get what we did in.  Joker continuing to earn his nickname giving YHC the required hard time on the hair, I did try to outdo myself this week.  Strong partner work today with some good mumblechatter amongst the pairs, great to see/hear.  An honour to lead today as always, look forward to getting out to more Base Camp’s in the future.



Thanksgiving Day convergence at 7 am at the Rock location (Rea and 51)

January 4th convergence and 5k run somewhere in northern SC (YHC always gets Rock Hill and Fort Mill confused), pax told to look it up on the website

Thinking of Passport out there, heal fast brother, miss you out there

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10 years ago

I’m still trying to figure out Strange Brew’s Canadian math… 12 = 14. Thunder Road must have left him a little punchy.

Good lead out there today Brew. You’ve got a great group of regulars soaking up the Base Camp experience every week.

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