War Daddy Crabcake

War Daddy Crabcake

When the war daddy award is a toss up between Crabcake and Tiger Rag one is made aware that a fine group of men have assembled. Crabcake begrudgingly took it by just a few months and hopefully Tommy Boy or Matlock will show next week to grab it back.


Mosey around fire lane and come back for straggler (TR) and do 10 burpees for tardiness.
Grab good sized rock.
Mosey to parking lot.
SSH x 25 (wee man count)
Stagger merkins on rock x 8 and flip
IW x 20
Rock hoppers x 20
Squats with rock x 15
Diamond merkins on rock x 10
Bicep curls with rock x 15

Partner up
Partner 1 runs lap and down steps
Partner 2 merkins on both rocks
Partner 1 runs lap and down steps
Partner 2 bicep curl with shoulder press
Switch and repeat x 2
Partner 1 runs lap and down steps
Partner 2 good morning, bicep curl, and shoulder press combo
Switch and repeat x 3
Partner 1 runs lap and down steps
Partner 2 Louganis with rock
Switch and repeat x 4

Jack Webbs x 10 with rock presses x 2 of merkin count

Mosey back to school




A solid group of fellas today at Kevlar for some rock throwing and running. Rock selection is always questioned so QIC went to the trouble of bringing a headlamp to aid in this exercise. Skinner still went small but mentioned it was a “taller” rock than most of the others…Good Hands decided his rock was too big so proceeded to slam it down in between reps knocking the weight down each time. The shrapnel from Good Hands’ rock was still bigger than Skinners original rock making it confusing for him to know which one to pick up after running a lap. MallCop learned this lesson many months ago about the importance on selecting a rock that will not be made fun of.
Speaking of running laps Radar and TR were flying on the runs but I did receive a pre BB call saying that I should mention the lack of activity associated with the rock exercises. Normally it is Far Side that saves himself for the runs but this time Radar took the biscuit with an average of 3-4 reps for every one of his partners laps.
Jack Webbs were renamed Rock Webbs by Bananas who was quiet today in an attempt to not spill his merlot (or Miller Lite) after a week of over indulging.
Good to see Chewie back in the mix with his winter grizzly look of which your QIC is attempting in honor of Movember.
Nice job today lads. Comment away and enjoy your Friday.

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Hair Band
10 years ago

Great workout as usual, even though it seems the fartsack has been taking captives since the cold weather started kicking in.

10 years ago

My 3-4 reps were equivalent of Bulldogs entire workout. He accidentally kicked his “Rock” and lost it. That’s how small it was

Good Hands
Good Hands
10 years ago

If your rock doesn’t break when you drop it, you didn’t pick a big enough rock.

10 years ago

I got my rock from Rob Ford.

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