Where is the moderate workout, again?

Where is the moderate workout, again?

6 pax shook off the #fartsack to move some iron and sharpen themselves.

The Thang:


  • Baby jog around the 1/8 mile track
  • SSH – 12
  • IW – 12

Mosey to YHC’s car for various coupons and continue on to the playground but very little playing.

Circuit 1:

  • Pullups – AMRAP + 2
  • Goblet Squats – 15  (choosing from the vast selection of KB’s and DB’s)
  • Situps – 15
  • Rinse & repeat x3

Jog around the baseball field and gather up outside of 1st base.

Circuit 2:

  • Dragon walks to midfield (may sub in Frog Jumps, if needed)
  • Crab walks to 3rd base
  • Reverse bear crawl back to midfield
  • Bear crawl to 1st base
  • Audible – YHC had planned 3 circuits; however the field felt larger than it appears.  Let’s go do other fun stuff!  Frog jumps to midfield on the way back to playground.

Circuit 3:

  • Thrusters – 15  (like a goblet squat with a press overhead)
  • Derkins – 15 (or AMRAP)
  • Supine Rows – 15
  • Rinse & repeat x3

Jog around & thru baseball field to catch our breath

Circuit 4:

  • Jump Squats – 15
  • 2-hand swing – 15
  • Toe touches – 15  (pax noted that we finally had a chance to catch our breath.  much needed.)
  • Rinse & repeat x2  (planned for 3, but YHC audibled to make sure we had time for the other fun & games.  the weinke must be obeyed.)

Jog around & thru the baseball field

Circuit 5:

  • Decline CDD – 10  (feet on fence, focus on shoulders – modify as needed)
  • Burpees – 5
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull – 10
  • Rinse & repeat x3


  • Roman Twist – 12
  • Freddie Mercury – 12
  • Dolly – 12
  • Flutter – 12
  • LBC – 12

3 minutes left – People’s Chair, Plankorama, People’s Chair



  • Football party – tomorrow, Fox & Hound Ballantyne, 3pm
  • Christmas party – Dec 7, Tiger Rag’s house


Great work today!  Not a lot of mumblechatter today, more attributable to the lack of O2 than the small number of pax.  YHC had planned on low reps in an attempt to moderate the workload, but we still moved a lot of weight.  #smoked  Need to intensify the moderation, although most pax did a good job of modifying as needed, which is/was strongly encouraged.

Upholding the Area51 #fashionpolice tradition, pax ranged from shorts and tee shirt only (#polarbearplungecandidate) to YHC, who overdressed with 2 layers top and bottom, which were quickly shed, getting down to a more acceptable short/leggings & long sleeve w fleece.  Everyone left with their man cards intact.

Keep coming out, pushing yourself, and modifying as necessary.  You’ll improve your fitness and have a lot of fun in the process.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead today.  It’s an honor.

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Strange Brew
10 years ago

Ah, I’ll argue the man card comment with something called “leggings”, not entirely sure I’ve known a man to wear leggings, but hey, that’s just me. Looks like a great workout, can’t wait for Saturday to rejoin the gloom at Ascent!

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