The Kettle Bell Always Wins – In Tribute to USMC’s 238th B-Day

The Kettle Bell Always Wins – In Tribute to USMC’s 238th B-Day


In tribute to USMC, 7 dedicated PAX came out in below freezing temperatures for a dose of pain at Olympus.  All rounds were set up to hit 238 reps.

Today’s routine was summarized by BLC when talking to our FNG.  “I like basketball because I get a good feeling inside when I score points and beat you, but with this, I don’t get a good feeling at all…I can’t win” – FNG Bryan Sparks (Chicken Wing).  “Dude, the kettle bell always wins”- BLC

The Thang


10 Burpees

1/4 Mile Run

Steel Jacks x 25

IW x 25

Around The World Left x 25

Around the World Right x 25

Burpee Squat Thrusts x 6

10 Exercises  For a Total of 238 Reps to Celebrate USMC 238th Birthday

1 Handed Alternating Swing x23

Cleans x 23

Monkey Humpers x 23

Jump Ups on Curb x 23

Calf Raises on Curb x 23

Goblet Squat x 23

Snatch Press x 23

Overhead Press x 23

Upright Rows x 23

Merkins x 8 plus 7 more for the number of PAX x 15

REPS: 238

1/4 Mile Run

Round 2:

Monkey Humpers x 46

Jump Ups on Curb x 46

Calf Raises on Curb x 30

Goblet Squat x 29

Overhead Press x 29

Upright Rows x 23

Merkins x 30

REPS: 238

1/4 Mile Run

–Mosey to Track/Partner Up


P1 Run 100 yards / P2 perform bicep curls until P1 returns, flapjack until 125 reps reached

P1 Run 100 yards / P2 perform tricep curls untl P1 returns, flapjack until 103 reps reached

REPS: 238

P1 Bear Crawl around track/P2 Does LBC’s w/KB and then catches P1 while carrying KB until one lap around track is completed.

TUG OF WAR x 3 rounds

Team 1: Hoff, BLC, Chicken Wing; Team 2: Steamroller, Gullah, Yankee, Southpaw

Losing Team run lap with merkins every pole marker



Outstanding work today.  We mixed in a lot more cardio this week, but for some reason it still felt like a total body muscle beat down!  T-Claps to our FNG (Chicken Wing) today as he was up until 03:00 last night and still came out this morning and completely crushed it like an F3 vet! #beastmode.  Also, our FNG from last week came out again this week and killed it out there for a second week in a row.  I think we may have head locked another meat head and he is quickly becoming on the list of the founding members of Olympus.

Yankee and BLC…always bringing it each week and joining the list of founding members as well.  Yankee doesn’t miss a beat out there and BLC is reliable, durable and tough as hell.  Also, Southpaw might have won the medal today for best overall work. That young man is silent but deadly!

Gullah and I appreciate everyone who came out to Olympus and hope to see more join the fun/pain in the future.  As always, it was an honor to work with such exceptional men as we continue making each other stronger and stronger.

Respectfully, The Hoff and Gullah

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