Frack was the scheduled Q, but he hurt his ankle during the Tough Mudder this past weekend.  Mighty Mite stepped in, and led a field trip from The Maul to Murderhorn (apparently a Simpsons reference).  13 pax followed in the dark to the neighborhood across the street from the Maul and learned all about it.

It started like any other morning.

Warm up

  • SSH 25
  • IW 25
  • Slow Squats 20
  • Merkins 20
  • MTN Climbers 25

Mosey to the hill

  • Sprint up and down
  • Broad Jump up – MM with bad acting, “Hey this hill isn’t hard enough let’s try a different one”.

Pax followed to Murder-Horn Hill.  (Long steep hill in Thornhill neighborhood)

  • Run up MHH and back down – 5 Burpees at the top – LBCs at the bottom
  • REPEAT  changing exercises each time
  • TOP OF MHH = CDD 25 – Wide Arm Merkin 20 – Diamond Merkins 15
  • BOTTOM  = Flutter – Dolly – Rosalita

One more run up – Heels to Heaven while you wait, then mosey back to The Maul.

Finished off with more hill work

  • Reverse bear crawl down
  • Sprint up – reverse lunge walk down
  • Sprint up 20 merkins – Sprint down 10 burpees

MM usually brings a beatdown when he Qs but I think today he took it to another level, at least with all the running.  I saw a lot of guys pushing themselves with the hill work.  Comet mouthed off and got us the extra 25 merkins towards the end.

Posted by Mic Check on behalf of hard working Mighty Mite.


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