Frehley’s Foxhole

Frehley’s Foxhole

8 men stepped out into the cold and started the week the right way (at the Foxhole).

Posted on behalf of Frehley’s Comet (QiC).  Thanks to him for stepping up to lead the SOB into the trenches of Elon Park Elementary.


Warmups: Side straddle hop x 25, backwards lunge x 10, slow squats x 20, merkins x 15
Jog to jungle gym:
3 stations 3 sets each:  pull ups x 10, dips with kettle bell in lap (10-15), step ups with kettle bell (10 ea leg).  Planks with arm and leg raises.
Jog to school wall: Preachers chair ( 3 sets at 2 min each) with kettle bell exercises while holding chair position against wall:
1) butterflies (pull KB from hanging position b/t legs to chin with 2 hands) – 10 reps. 10 count rest.
2) shoulder press with KB – 10 reps. 10 count rest
3) side lateral raises – 10 reps each arm.
10 merkins with KB transfer to each arm for lat raises while in push up position.
Jog to field and line up facing opposite goal . Exercises at end lines and mid field.
5 burpees, run to mid field, 5 burpees, run to end line – 20 2-arm swings, run to mid field 5 burpees, run to end line – 10 merkins.
Jog to center of field and circle up for Mary using KB:
LBC x 20
Dolly with KB press x 20
Bicycle with KB press x 20
Russian twist with KB x 12
Jog to hill:
At bottom of hill (4 exercises with reps of 10):
1) squats with 2-arm butterflies (pull KB to chin on up squat motion)
2) shoulder presses each arm 
3) bent over rows each arm
4) 2 sets of Russian dead lifts (stiff leg bend over and left KB to standing upright position)
Between each of the 4 sets above, run to top of hill without KB and do burpees x 7, mountain climbers x 20 (2 sets), and merkins x 10.
Jog back to finish. 2 minutes of Mary (LBC’s and hold 6 inches for 30 sec).
Announcements were made reminding all to sign up for Jan 4 convergence. Soft Pretzel took us out with a prayer.

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