F3rozen F3un-dra

F3rozen F3un-dra

In honor of the 187th meeting between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears, the Pax gathered in the north-woods of Wisconsin for an F3 nomad workout on Sunday, November 3.  In attendance were:

  1. YHC Iron Horse, workout Q and GB season ticket holder.
  2. Sweetness, Chicago fanatic (thus the name).
  3. And Grapevine, serving as Switzerland for this weekend’s activities, as well as the beer sommelier for the pax various wanderings through the rural Wisconsin micro breweries.

 Out of the 20 degree fog, the pax assembled.

 The Thang:

 COP in the garage:

SSH x 25, IW x 20

 “Brett Favre” Slow run ¾ mile to park.

 3 rounds of the following exercises:

 “Dick Butkus” Body Builders (Burpee + dead hang pullup + knees to elbows) x 10 reps

“Clay Matthews” Bench Step Ups – 10 reps each leg

“Gale Sayers” Flutter kicks – 20 reps military count

“Donald Driver” Decline Merkins – 10 reps

“Jim McMahon” Lunges – 10 reps each leg

“”Aaron Rodgers” Dolly’s – 20 reps military count

“Mike Ditka” Dips – 10 reps

“Brian Urlacher” Squats – 20 reps

“Vince Lombardi” LBC’s – 20 reps military count

 1 mile “Super Bowl Shuffle” after 1st and 2nd rounds.

 “Refrigerator Perry” slow ¼ mile run home after 3rd round.

Total workout time:  58 minutes. 2 minutes of staring at the lake rounded us up to a full hour.


Taking F3 on the road was very satisfying.  Having been over-served at the previous night’s visit to the Central Waters Brewery and the following dinner, the pax (all F3 members) agreed that some F3 discipline was much needed in order to get back in the groove prior to the visit to Lambeau Field the next night for MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!  Great aspect of the F3 experience is combining the 1st and 2nd F’s for some roadtrip exercise.  A few dog walkers called out to the pax to question who we were and why we were hanging around the city park in the early morning frost and fog – also commenting that what we were doing would wreck their knees.  Invitations to join in the fun were not accepted.

Post workout the pax went out for some more cheese before attacking the day.

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High Tide
10 years ago

Awesome work, guys! And, I’m envious of your trip to Lambeau! Go, Pack, Go!

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