Ball So Hard!

Ball So Hard!

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 The Thang

Warm up lap around parking lot while we wait for Fletch



  • SSH
  • Seal Jacks 
  • 1 legged Burpees x 10 Right
  • 1 legged Burpees  x 10 Left
  • Merkins x 10
  • Hold Plank
  • Mission Impossible (add Peter Parker) – AMRAP

Jog down to basketball court  

Free Throw Shooting Contest:

All pax perform exercise until the shooter makes free throw

  • Merkins
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Burpees
  • CDD
  • Rock Curls
  • Rock Tricep extension
  • Rock Overhead press
  • LBC’s
  • Wide arm merkins

Pax do suicides until Spackler makes another free throw.  Too short, he made the first one.  Pax runs suicides until Baracus makes another one.  There was a little more running this time.

4 Corners:

  • Merkins x 23
  • Diamonds x23
  • Wide Arms x 23
  • Military x 23
  • Bear crawl the baselines
  • Lunge walk the sidelines

Mosey over to playground

  • Negative Pull-ups x 10

Radar Q 

Partner and Run over to the Benches

Each team has to complete the designated amount of reps.

Partner 1 starts the exercise

Partner 2 runs the parking (last 40 yards of run is an exercise also)

Flap Jack until you reach the total required reps 


  • 100 Left Leg Step ups with calve raise at the top
  • 40 yards of duck walks on the run
  • Chair while you wait for everyone to finish 


  • 100 Right Leg Steps ups
  • 40 yards of Lunge Walks on the run
  • Chair while you wait for everyone to finish 


  • 150 low squat jumps – (Stay in squat position and jump/hops. no extension)
  • 40 yards of backward sprints
  • Chair while you wait for everyone to finish 


  • 200 calve raises on the curb
  • 40 yards of tip toe runs
  • Chair while you wait for everyone to finish 


  • 25 squat box jumps (squat at the bottom and the top) 
  • Run over to the cars and circle up 


  •  Hamstring exercise. I don’t know what it is called
  • Lay on your back. Heels to your butt. Extend one leg all the way out and lift with your bent leg.
  • We did 25 each side 


  • 1 minute of Hindu Squats 


  • Slow 10 count hold of deep squat. 



Strong Group today. Stage Coach had us shooting free throws early and there wasnt a great showing. YHC was up first and Air Balled the first three. Then I drained it like I used to at Landsdown Elementary. After that only Spackler and Baracus put up anything that would be considered respectable. Apparently Spackler played ball in college and was pretty decent. Google highest free throw percentage record at Meredith University and you will find him. Baracus got lucky is all I can tell. It was pretty dark and shooting after a round of merkins and burpees didn’t help either. Some even gave up on the free throws and walked it in for lay ups. They missed a lot of those too.

Doing legs is always awful. That’s why mine look like pearl white painted chop sticks. Lots of groaning about the exercises but everyone made it through. Apparently I have found Fletchs kryptonite to keep him from blowing the group away on the runs. Throw 100 left leg step ups at him before and he is at least a little normal. We all looked a little wobbly coming out of those. Kind of like a new born deer finding its legs. AWWHHHHHH, baby deer’s. 

Always good to lead. Stage and I appreciate it. 




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The Hoff
10 years ago

That looked like a killer routine guys. Ouch. Nice work!!

Uncle Leo
10 years ago

My legs were definitely feeling this today. Great workout brothers!

10 years ago

You know what would have been a killer work out? Everyone do burpees until Baracas successfully dunks it. Don’t worry Baracas, I can’t dunk either.

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