The Halloween Ranger Physical Fitness Test

The Halloween Ranger Physical Fitness Test

9 men conquered the (adjusted) Ranger Physical Fitness Test (RPFT) this Halloween morning with 3 cleared for service.  Here is the synopsis of the event.   

The adjusted test was comprised of 4 parts:

1)    2 minutes of perfect form merkins (goal = 49)

2)    2 minutes of full sit-ups (goal = 59)

3)    Pull-ups (dead hang with no lower body movement x 6 minimum)

4)    5 mile run (goal = 40 min or 8min/mi)

While many excelled at individual challenges, only 3 (Fletch, Mighty Mite, and Turkey Leg) passed all 4 to gain figurative entry into the Rangers basic training. Great job guys on your all around fitness! 

Here is a summary of each event:

1)    Merkins: Range 49 to 80 with Haggis, Turkey Leg, and Fletch in the lead

2)    Sit-ups: Range 35 to 65 with Mighty Mite, Fletch, and Turkey Leg in the lead

3)    Pull-ups: Range 6 to 13 with Haggis, Frasier, and Mighty Mite in the lead

4)    5-mi Run: Range 36:05 to 43:40 (7:13 to 8:44 min/mi) with Frasier, Turkey Leg, Fletch, and YHC in the lead

Overall, it was a great morning with cool breezes and good 2nd F throughout.  As always, YHC appreciates the opportunity to train next to this great group of men.  Aye!

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Mighty Mite
Mighty Mite
10 years ago

In hindsight, we should have completed this test in costumes. You know, for Halloween.

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