Preblast: Devil’s Turn – The Halloween Ranger Challenge

Preblast: Devil’s Turn – The Halloween Ranger Challenge

Ok, so at the risk of offending the Devil’s Turn purists out there, YHC is proposing a new challenge this Halloween morning.  The challenge is the Army Ranger Physical Fitness Test (minus the rucking since that would just be crazy).

The adjusted test is comprised of 4 parts:

1)    2 minutes of perfect form merkins

2)    2 minutes of full sit-ups

3)    5 mile run

4)    AMRAP pull-ups

The proposed 5 mile loop is included below.  To get in the pull-ups, we will stop at mile 2.3 at William R. Davie Park (D on the map).  After restarting the timer, we will continue past South Charlotte Middle School and onto our standard path back to the start. 


The idea is to max out on each of the events to determine your current fitness level.  In this case, we can use this as our baseline to compare in the future when we revisit the challenge.   

Here is the rough schedule:

Begin: 5:15 at Rea Rd. and Bevington Pl (warmed up and ready to go)

Push-up Challenge: 5:15 – 5:17

Sit-up Challenge: 5:18 – 5:20

5-mile Run Challenge: 5:20 – 6:15 (with stop for pull-ups @ William R. Davie Park)

End: 6:15 convene for COT

See you in the Halloween Gloom!


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