I wonder what’s over here?

I wonder what’s over here?

12 men gathered this morning to do a little early morning this-and-that.

Mosey to the parking lot near Performance Orthotics
30 x SSH
25 x Imperial Walker
20 x Mountain Climber
15 x Merkin

Mosey to the parking lot near Varrow.  Observe.
The parking lot has circles with numbers in them.  This ought to be fun!
Split up into teams of two.  For every circle, do that many burpees and head to the middle for assigned Mary then back to circle and Plank while others finish.  Rotate to next circle.

12 Burpees + 12 Dolly (Cadence Count) + Plank: to 6 inches
13 Burpees + 13 Flutter (CC) + Plank
14 Burpees + 14 Rosalita (CC) + Plank: to 6 inches
18 Burpees + 18 Heels to Heaven (Normal)
17 Burpees + 17 Mason Twists (CC) + Plank
16 Burppes + 16 LBC (CC) – Plank: left arm high, normal, right arm high
= 90 Burpees

Mosey to the Loading Docks
Peoples Chair for 1:30
40 Air Presses

Mosey to Brixham Tent and Food Truck Court
1 mile run around Food Truck Court on your own (4 laps)

Mosey back to parking lot
15 Burpees on your own

In an effort to head a different direction YHC used Google Maps to find some new territory to explore and that how he happened upon The Circles.  There was chatter afterward about other ideas for the circles.  They appear to go from 1-18.

YHC flip-flopped the usual ‘corners’ exercise and did burpees at the outside and Mary in the Middle.  Otherwise we would have only done 60.  It took almost 35 minutes to complete the round

Thought we had only done 85 Burpees at circle time so wanted to hit a clear 100 hence the 15 back at the start.  Well, YHC can’t count when he can’t breathe.  Today’s tally was actually 105.

MapMyRun was used to calculate the mile.  Here is a link to today’s route. (1.98 miles)

11/10 – Panther’s Football Party at Fox and Hound – Sign up on Evite
12/7 – Holiday Party
1/4/14 – Convergence and 5k Run.
Happy Birthday to Filmont – 45.

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