Nothing unique, just a wee bit of fun…

Nothing unique, just a wee bit of fun…

Early morning, just brisk enough to feel the need to move.  Perfect type of early morning for a beatdown.  Let’s get it started!
Need to warmup — Run around parking lot just enough to get the blood flowing.  Stop and circle up for the standard warmup.
  • SSH x25
  • IW x20
  • Merkin x20
  • Mtn Climber x20
  • Squat x20
Get moving again.  Run around parking lot again – karaoke, backwards, etc.  Head on over to the Pavilion.  Find a bench and:
  • Dips x25
  • Jump-ups x20
  • Decline merkins x25
  • Plank (form counts, do it right, hold it, feel the burn)
  • Repeato

Run around building and settle in for some People’s Chair-o-rama (2 x 90 seconds)

Mosey back to to parking lot and split up into groups.

  • Squats x25
  • Lunge Walk
  • CDDs x25
  • Lunge Walk
  • Repeato
 Mosey over to the field, sprint down the grassy knoll.  From the bottom, Jacobs Ladder – Burpees up to 5
Run to other side of field, line up shoulder-to-shoulder along the soccer side line, plank it up, then Tunnel of Love (x2) all over it.
Continue on with the self-induced PTSD by circling up for some Jack Webb to 10
Stay in the circle, roll over and spend some time with Mary: Flutter, hold ’em, Rosalita, hold ’em, something else, stand up.

10 burpees OYO because you can’t have a burpee-free workout — I’m pretty sure that’s stated in the fine print of the Disclaimer.

Run back to the safety of the parking lot for COT.


– Stated intention of the workout this morning was to do a basic bootcamp, hit the major muscle groups, run around a bit, and have a wee bit of fun along the way.  Based on feedback, I’m happy to report mission accomplished.

–  The unstated intention of the workout was to complete most of the field work in the sprinklers.  Unfortunately, the sprinklers weren’t on today.  Why do it in the sprinklers? For some stupid reason I thought it might be fun – that’s why.  Perhaps even more than a wee bit of fun.  And we all need more fun in our life.  Heck, for many of us, F3 is about as fun as our day gets.

– As always, it was a privilege and an honor to lead you guys.


– HDHH tonight (sorry, I posted this while HDHH is going on, which means I didn’t get my own message.  I should be HDHH’ing, not posting right now…)

– New gear/Saturday workout: Olympus.  Word is The Hoff will hunt you down if you don’t post.

– Spring Mudrun.  Sign up.  Stagecoach will hunt you down if you don’t.

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