Cold Iron and Ice Water Astroturf

Cold Iron and Ice Water Astroturf

8 of the strong SOB’s (Sons of Ballentyne) dusted off their cold weather gear and entered the Foxhole for what turned out to be an all-out total body assault.  After finding the Sports Connection boot camp crew on our turf (literally), we thought there could be some actual assault.  However, there is enough room on the spacious Elon Park fields for 4 simultaneous boot camps so no problems were encountered.

The Thang:  

Run to side of school and begin warmup

– SSH x 60 (Bratwurst joins half way through)

– Old Fashioned Toe Touches x 15 per side

– Backward Lunges x 12 per side

– Mr. Miyagi x 10 per side

– Monkey Humpers x 10 (Chipotle’s personal favorite)

Rack ‘em and head to the fields for the real work

– Audible called upon realizing we were not alone (Sports Connection boot camp has infiltrated our AO)

– Head to the other side of the field

– Round 1:

            – 2 hand swings x 20

            – Juggler x 45 sec

            – Snatch x 10 per side

            – 10 count pause for effect

– Round 2:

            – 2 hand swings x 20

            – Juggler x 45 sec

            – Snatch x 10 per side

            – Figure 8 x 45 sec each direction

– 10 count

Line up on side line

– Bear crawl to center field / jog back

– Crab walk to center field (w/ KB on your stomach) / jog back

– Bear crawl to center field / jog back

– Crab walk (no KB) to center field / jog back

(Editorial Note: If there is ever a crab walk competition, don’t challenge Market Timer.  You will lose!  #strangelyproficient)   

Head even further away from Sports Connection crew since the hooting and barking noises were getting distracting.

– Round 1:

            – Clean & press alternating hands x 10 per side

            – KB curls holding the ball of the KB x 20

            – Triceps extension x 20

– Round 2:

            – Rinse & Repeat

– Jog 100 yds and back

Begin 6 minutes of mary

– Full sit-ups x 40

– Mason twist x 20

– Freddy Mercury (called by Bratwurst) x 20

– Dolly (called by MT) x 20

– Mission impossible x 10 with a hold while Greatest American Hero intro was sung (another Chipotle favorite)

– Protractor (called by Frehleys) with some 62deg Dolly thrown in  

The Moleskin:

– At 42deg, it was a cold start this morning.  Frehley’s even broke out the tights (thanks for wearing the shorts over them!).  Once we got to the monkey humpers though, everyone was sufficiently warm to get to work. 

– It was good to meet Whiplash (brought to the Foxhole by Rock Thrill).  Thanks for coming out brother.  Hope to see you out again. 

– Due to Chipotle’s great reaction, monkey humpers and the Greatest American Hero song may deserve repeating in future workouts.  Pretty funny stuff.

– Overall great effort by all.  It was on purpose that there was not much running involved today, but hopefully you would agree, it was still a total body burn. 


– Jan 4 Convergence and Joe Davis 5k – the post and instructions are up on the website.  Sign up for this great event!  NOCO, Metro, The Fort, and Area51 all expected to represent.

– Football 2nd F Event – November 10 – Fox & Hound in Ballantyne – See Evite

– Holiday Party – December 7 at TR and M-TR’s house – See Evite

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Market Timer
Market Timer
10 years ago

Nice Q, HB. My triceps are starting to burn. Guessing tomorrow will be much worse.

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