Hey FNG, Workout Starts At 8:00, I Mean 7:00?, Or Is It 8:00?

Hey FNG, Workout Starts At 8:00, I Mean 7:00?, Or Is It 8:00?

18 Pax ripped themselves from the fartsack to post for their Saturday downPAINment at The Rock.

The Thang:

Hops Lead:

Jog to COP
Merkins x 15
Seal Jacks x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
SSH’s x 25
Squats x 25
Runstopper (LIFO) appears and leads the pax in some plankorama


Jog to baseball field
Grab rock
She Hate Me (10 min.)
10 Reps of the following 3 exercises:
Merkin Jacks
1-legged squats with rock
Makthar Ndjiaye’s *
* switched to burpees 1/2 way through


Jog to picnic tables
3 sets of 20 dips & 20 step-ups
Handoff to MallCop:

Form 2 Lines for Bear Crawl Indian Run 100 Yds, then Lunge Walk Indian Run 100 Yds.

Grab 2 cones and run down to pond then up North Face to front field. 

Perform exercise called at cone 1, then sprint to cone 2 and back, and finish with exercise called.

1) Jump Squats x 20, sprint, Burpees x 10

2) Lunges x 20, sprint, Hand Release Merkins x 20

3) Squats x 30, sprint, LBC x 30

4) Carolina Dry Docks x 30, sprint, Flutter x 30 then Hold 6 inches

5) Carolina Dry Docks x 30, sprint, Rosalita x 30 then Hold 6 inches

6) Sprint Down & Back 2 times, Freddie Mercury x 30 then Hold 6 inches

Grab cones and mosey back to parking lot to drop them off.  Form 2 lines again for more Bear Crawl Indian Run, however scratch that as cars kept interupting our lines, so jail break to the shovel flag.

CCV (Cumberland County Viaducts) x 15 L & x 15 R on the rocky pavement.

Finish with 10 Burpees OYO.


Great work today by all the pax for just a good old fashened workout.  It was great having Ray Charles out with us even with his bum knee and YHC owes him an apology for starting our way out to the front of the church with a lower impact exercise to the knee to end up by doing lots of sprints and finishing off with a run back to the COT.  I forgot you didn’t have your bike brother, so my bad.  I hope your upcoming appointment goes well when you go back to the Dr about it.

Gummy admitted to the pax that he was jacked about an FNG that he had EHed to come out to The Rock, but then realized he told him the workout started at 8:00 instead of 7:00, thus the poor guy didn’t show for the workout.  This one belongs on the NFL Sunday Night Pre-Game show as the other 17 of us pax that posted say to you “Come On Man!”


If you have any old bikes that you no longer need please let Tadpole know as he is participating in a non-profit to provide bikes to inner city kids and teach them how to ride.

HC on the email for the Christmas Party on Dec 7th.  Thanks to Tiger Rag & M Tiger Rag for opening their homes and to Baracus for Qing the effort.

Also HC to the Panthers viewing party at Fox & Hound in Ballentyne, Sunday, Nov 10, 2013.  Thanks to Bugeater for Qing this one.

Get your Area51 Mud Run Team or put one together and signup before Nov.1 through the F3Nation website.

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