Alabama Slamma

Alabama Slamma

9 pax rose early and knocked back a few Alabama Slamma’s.  Sorry fellas, no kool aid chaser to put out the flames.  Maybe next week……….

The Thang

Indian run around field x 2

SSH x 20

Mountain Climber x 20

IW x 20

Alabama Slamma

Merkin pyramid with 40 yard sprints – 210 merkins and 20 x 40 yrd sprints

Mosey to another (drier) field

Burpee/AB Circuit

4 stations (50 LBC, 50 CCV (25/side), 100 Dolly, 50 Bcksratch) – Hit each station and then back to center field for 10 burpees (40 burpees total)

Moderate Indian Run around outer edge of all the fields and back to school for Wall/CDD Combo

Wall/CDD Combo

60-90 wall chairs followed by 25 CDD’s x 4



Great work by all the pax today.  Always love bringing out the Alabama Slamma.  Something YHC should bring out more often it seems.  Great effort by Wing Man today, especially during the Burpee/AB circuit.  Pretty sure we kept up until round 2 and then dude was gone.  T-claps to Keller.  Dude drives down from university just about every Thursday.  That’s committment.  And Bulldog says his 10 min drive is too far #lackofcleverexcuse.  Would have bet $$ High Tide would have posted today given that the work out had something to do with ‘Alabama’.  That is why I am just not good at gambling.  Thank you Semi Gloss for taking us out in prayer.  Always a pleasure leading fellas……..


Convergence/5K to benefit Rock Thrills brother in Fort Mill on Jan 4th.  Details to follow

Spring Mudrun sign ups due by Nov 1st.  Check website for details soon.

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High Tide
10 years ago

I was quite tempted after seeing the preblast! Didn’t want to let down my great state with a poor performance, while I try to nurse my achilles back into shape, so I had to pass this time. But I will leave you with a “ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!”


10 years ago

Spackles – you know I will drive anywhere for free golf but I walk off those fields at 8pm on Wednesday night and it will take everything in me to show back up on a Thursday morning a 5:30 for a workout…Thank you though for all of the abuse you send me on the eve of every Rebel Yell workout bc it will pay off soon!

10 years ago

Spackler, I feel your pain with bulldog. He HCd a dude to Day Zero and didn’t even show. I think the only solution is to put him on Q. He did this to Knight Court and it seemed to work.

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