Breakfast of Champions: One order of Kettlebell with a side of Merkin!

Breakfast of Champions: One order of Kettlebell with a side of Merkin!

34 pax peeled themselves out of bed to receive the second installment of their weekly BROWNpainment…kettlebell style!

SSH x 25
Small Shoulder Circles Front x 10
Small Shoulder Circles Back x 10
Imperial Walker x 25
Big Shoulder Circles Front x 10
Big Shoulder Circles Back x 10
Mountain Climbers x 15


Stay in COP for a World’s Strongest Man worthy kettlebell circuit:
25 reps each exercise 3 times through:
2 Arm Swing
Goblet Squat
Lunge Row

Mosey to entrance and partner up for Farmer’s Carry.  10 merkins; Rotate between Regular, Diamond, Wide Arm, and Military at each flapjack with partner. Plank at other entrance when done.

Mosey back to field for another kettlebell circuit:
10 reps each exercise 3 times through:
Tricep Ext.
Sumo Squat
Overhead Press
Snatch Row

Rosalita w/bell x 15
Flutter x 9 (I shorted a rep)
Freddie Mercury x 10

Great job by the pax today!  Nothing like swinging some iron around to start the day!  The circuit quickly silenced the mumble chatter.  A question was raised as to “why the walking already?”, just over half way through the farmer’s carry.  I prefer the long, smooth stride to cover more distance.  Gettin’ it done, is gettin’ it done, just make sure you get it done!  My apologies for the mosey back to the field, next time we’ll close the circle with the carry.  I’m sure you appreciated that quick breather about half way through the last circuit.  You’re welcome!  Thanks again for allowing me to lead.

Please join Bugeater at The Lodge for HDHH tomorrow night.  He’s getting lonely and we all deserve a cold one!


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10 years ago

Nice lead again Brown! Shoulders are really feeling it right now as I type. Don’t know if its from the tiny, baby, partner shoulder circles or the firemans carry around the church…

Hair Band
10 years ago

Great workout this morning. I always dread that farmer carry loop around the church but overall a really great use of the gear this morning!

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