Sally’s one big mama!

Sally’s one big mama!

24 of South Charlotte’s finest came out this morning where they got to meet Sally for this first time!


Mosey up the road and back down the fire lane.

Back to parking lot.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
MC X 20

Push Sally Up/Push Sally Down push up challenge.

Run to bottom of hill near school for 11’s: burpee knee ups at top and crunchy frogs at bottom.

Plank when done.

Mosey to soccer field for tire work (set in circle.)

Each man on a tire and one in between.

Guys on tires work either chest, tri’s, or shoulders while one of the pax calls out ab exercise to 12 which indicates everyone moving on.



Nice job by all the lads today. I threw in a little music today for the “Bring Sally Up” push up challenge (see video) which no one got anywhere near completing. From where I was planked only Busch and Homey looked like they got past half of it.
As the chest was fried 10 minutes into the workout the extended burpee knees up/crunchy frog hill was a lot harder than it looked on paper! My Pleasure hit the hills hard and was the only one within breathing distance of your humble Q!
The circle of tires was a toughie and also a chance for everyone to pick and lead the ab exercises. Country Livin’ pulled a Snakebite and lost his breath half way through.
Sally came back out at the end waiting for the arrival of all the fellas for the COT. Nightcourt made the comment that Sally was a beast of a lady and she certainly felt that way by the end of the workout!
A pleasure leading you all today. Good luck to all the mudrunners tomorrow and keep Country Livin’s lady in your prayers for her interview.



All Saturday 7am workouts meet at The Rock tomorrow with Stonehenge on at usual time and location.

Homework: Try the Sally Up challenge over the weekend!

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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

BD always a strong workout, which is why I drive out of my way to hit your beat downs:) I think the problem for Sally portion of the workout was that we were not supplied with medicine balls, I am sure that would have had better results! Come on, the dude on the video barely struggled. How long did we do it for?
I appreciate you patting yourself on the back for the burpee/froggie runs. YES you are a stud, there, now it’s just not you saying it! However, you weren’t THAT far ahead. Anyway, good stuff today! The tire workouts are always a good time, minus the swamp water inside

10 years ago

Way to bring the pain Bulldog. Quite the interesting approach. Something I’ve come to expect from a BD workout. A couple of things to cover:

1: As a result of this workout, this song sucks
2: As a result of this workout based on this song, my whole upper body is unhappy
3: My counting for the Ab part ROCKED. SB panting on counting is gone!
4: The “hills” on the 11’s were brutal – nice job

All in all, good planning, great job by the PAX and keep it up.


Reply to  Snakebite
10 years ago


I would want to be that guy in the clip. He rocked.

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